The Bachelor, A Republican, The President and A Lawyer Walk Into A Bar

A Bachelor:  I am not ashamed to say that I cried like a baby through the entire Bachelor wedding last night.  It was romantic and fun, and I was really happy for Molly and Jason.  I just wish ABC had taken a bit more of a back seat, and let us to feel more like we were at a wedding, rather than watching a television show.

I love Chris Harrison but seriously, he was just in our faces.  There was too much recapping, too much Chris Harrison.  When he stopped the wedding during the vows for a commercial break, I was done.  It was stupid.  They took something that we were so happy to share, and sucked the joy out of it.  Just saying.

At the end of the special I walked away really loving Molly, and being genuinely happy for her.  Jason sacrificed a lot to be with this woman, and I’m proud of him.  I think this is a couple that will live happily ever after, and even though the special was disappointing, I’m happy to have seen it.

I loved her shoes.  I loved her dress. I loved the rain.  I thought Jason Castro was fabulous.  Weddings are magical.  The moment you can stand in front of God, and say I love this person, is special.  I must say though, I was very sad to not see anything Jewish, even referenced in the smallest way, during the entire show.

Even though I am divorced, the moment I said I Do is one that I treasure. I am very thankful that I can look back on that special day, and tell my son that his parents, though not together now, were madly in love when they got married.

A Republican: I have been totally floored by the amount of interest I am getting for my blogs on Sarah Palin.  I never thought I would get so much attention for liking a Republican.  Here’s the thing people, they travel among us.  You are friends with Republicans, and don’t even know it!

For every nasty email I got for fraternizing with the enemy, I have received dozens of kind emails from Palin supporters.  A woman at the gas station actually came over, asked if I was Ilana Angel, hugged me, told me I was a great American, and gave me a Palin For President pin.

It breaks my heart that this situation has become what it has.  Listen, there are good and bad people of every race, religion, sexual orientation and political party.  They are bad people because they are bad, not because of their beliefs.

I once had a very close friend, who was sober from drug addiction.  He was hurtful to me, and we ended our friendship.  It crushed me, and took forever to recover from.  I always thought that since he was sober, he had conquered his demons, and was therefore a good person. 

My brilliant Rabbi explained that if someone was not a good person while they were an addict, just because they got sober doesn’t mean they became a good person, it just meant they were sober.  My point is that there are wonderful and horrible people in the world.  They are who they are, and it should not matter what they believe in.

The President:  I received a nice email this week from Michael Reagan, son of President Ronald Reagan.  I don’t really know anything about the Reagan Presidency.  I was not living in the states during that time, and to be honest, I do not know that much about the political history of America.

Here is what I do know about Ronald Reagan, he loved his wife.  He loved her in a way that I admire, respect and covet.  I have read the love letters they wrote to each other, and I want that great love affair for myself.  People tell me I live in a fantasyland, and the man I created in my head does not exist.  Well he does, and Mr. Reagan is my proof.

Are you all sitting down?  Get ready….. I liked Sarah Palin when I met her, and I want a man like Ronald Reagan in my life, and it has NOTHING to do with politics. 

A Lawyer:  I have met a wonderful man online, and he is a lawyer.  He is a very handsome, divorced, single father who is also Jewish.  We talk or email everyday and I am developing quite a crush on him.  For a bunch of different reasons, both his and mine, we have not met yet.  Our date keeps getting postponed because life gets in the way.

The problem is, the more I talk to him, the more I like him, and we all know no good can come of that.  Pre-dating is horrible.  You meet online, you start chatting, there is a comfort and ease that comes over the phone, and a bravery that comes with meeting online, and it’s just not natural.  I am crushing on a man that I do not know, and that is bad.

We laugh at the same things, share the same religion, political party, parenting style, and food tastes.  He makes me laugh, and think, and look at things from a new perspective.  The problem is, until we meet, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

In the past I have met men online that have lied about their age, height, marital status, children, jobs, location, and to top it all off, post pictures that are 20 years old.  I have seen it all, so what makes me think this one will not be the same?

I am hopeful, and at the end of the day that is all I can be.  I hope he is the person he presents himself to be, and when we finally do meet, it all falls into place.  The good news is, if he is all he says he is, I may be about to meet someone wonderful.  If he’s not, at the very least, I will get a fabulous blog out of it.  I’m going to cross my fingers and keep the faith.