George Clooney, Sarah Palin, Oscar, The Bachelor and Jewish Goth Hair

Random Sunday morning stuff I feel like talking about:

1. I appreciate all the comments my blog has generated this week, both good and bad.  I’m glad people are reading, and I encourage everyone to have their voice heard, whether I agree or not.

2. Friendly reminder: I am not a political blogger.  That seems to have gotten lost on a few people.  I get the human need to defend and attack, just be clear what direction you are aiming, and be sure it’s not at me.

3. I have posted all the Palin generated comments and am not picking and choosing what is shown.  I am however, only posting those that come directly to my blog, not those that are sent to my email.  If you have something to say, which you want others to see, post on the blog.

4. I am excited about the Oscars tonight.  I shall plop down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, and a glass of wine, and take it all in.  Love watching the clothes, and pretending that George Clooney is sending secret “I love You” messages with every gesture he makes.

5. I have decided I am going to train my beloved cat, Fiddles, to use a toilet.  I’m over changing kitty litter, because it is a shitty job. (My kid thought that was funny.)  I am giving her 3 weeks to learn how to use and flush a toilet.  She will learn!

6. Tomorrow is the big Bachelor wedding of Jason and Molly.  Look for my blog in the morning, which includes my interview with the happy couple.  I will also be giving my 2 cents on Jake and Vienna because it’s been too long since I talked about those two crazy kids.

7. There was a torrential downpour in Los Angeles last night.  It is impossible to go on a date when there is a typhoon.  How can one have cute hair in the rain?  I established a new dating rule for myself:  no dating in the rain.

8. To clarify, once you are in a relationship, dating in the rain is back on.  Rain is romantic and sexy, but only when he already knows you can look cute.  Turning up for the first time looking like a wet poodle is not pretty.

9. My son sent me a text yesterday that said, “I love you Mom.  You’re beautiful.”  I immediately wrote back to see what he wanted.  Get this:  He wanted nothing!  He just felt the need to let me know. I cried like a baby, pulled out his baby pictures, and thanked God that I get to be this boys mother.  I’m such a sap.

10. I would like to lose 20 pounds, in 5 days, and have a guarantee that I will not gain it back.  Ever.  If anyone can help me with that, call me.

11. I want a personal trainer.  If someone in Los Angeles wants to train me for free, in exchange for getting a daily mention in this fabulous blog, get in touch.

12. I discovered this week that I like people of faith.  Does not matter what they believe in, but people who have faith of some kind, are kind.  Might change my mind later, and probably will, but I’m sticking with it for now.  Believing in something bigger than you is a good thing.

13. I covered my grey hair last night, and for some reason my regular color seems to have gotten darker.  I’m now sporting a slight Elvira look, which is just not flattering on a girl covered in freckles.  Until it fades out in a week or so, I am rocking a Jewish Goth vibe.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoys their Sunday.  If you watch the Oscars, know that every time George Clooney touches his tie, he is sending me a secret pledge of love.

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow!  Be well, tell your kids you love them, do some self-reflection, eat well, get some sleep, cut yourself some slack, relax your opinions of others, and keep the faith.