Defending Sarah Palin Over A Glass of Kool-Aid

I wrote a blog yesterday about meeting Sarah Palin.  Oh.  My.  God.  Never before has there been such an outpouring of both love and hate, for both Sarah and me.  It would not stop, and continues to come in this morning. 

I have received a lot of reader comments during my time writing for the Jewish Journal, but never have I received as much as I did after this blog.  I invite you to take a look at some of those comments, at the bottom of yesterdays article.

Let’s get a few things straight.  I am a Democrat.  I believe in gay marriage.  I do not support hunting, or gun ownership.  I will fight for a woman’s right to have an abortion.  I am a Jew.  I love Israel.  I also happen to think that Sarah Palin is a cool lady. 

I did not write a political blog yesterday.  I wrote about having a chance encounter with someone in the public eye, who I happen to think is interesting.  Just because I think her politics are scary, does not mean that I can’t think she is a nice human being.

Conservatives wrote fast and furious to let me know they respected the bravery of my article, considering I was not a supporter of Sarah as a politician.  I think it’s a sad day in America when people feel the need to commend you for being decent. 

Liberals wrote to say that I took my picture with Hitler, was fraternizing with the enemy, and should be ashamed of myself.  Six of my “friends” were so disgusted with my blog, that they decided to “un-friend” me on Facebook.

Listen to me people, just because you talk to a woman about glasses, purses, children, and dating, does not mean that you are going to sit down for a glass of Kool-Aid, and give up on everything that you believe in.  Liking Sarah Palin is not a sin.  Judging her as a politician, rather than a human being, is.

“A card carrying Democrat”, wrote to say I was going to hell, my Jewish son would soon take Jesus into his heart, and then bring home his pregnant teenage girlfriend, if I spent another moment buying into the rhetoric of Ms. Palin.  To that charming writer, I say, kiss my ass. 

People became ugly, unkind, and quite frankly, un-American.  It was just a blog!  I did not change my party, shoot a wolf from a helicopter, or decide to become a Christian.  Why is it so hard for people to separate out someones religion or political party, from their simply being a person?

We are all free to have an opinion.  Regardless of what we think, or know about Ms. Palin, as someone who has met her, but certainly does not claim to know her, I will say again, that she is lovely, and no one is going to bully me into thinking differently. 

I hope that Sarah Palin is never elected as President of the United States.  I hope that Sarah Palin knows that she is always welcome in my home.  I hope that Sarah Palin and I can one day have a beer, sit and chat about our kids, and dance at her sister’s wedding.

To all the haters, you will never have peace in your life when it is so filled with hate.  And one more thing, when Sarah comes over to my house for dinner, I am going to serve her Kool-Aid!  Maybe she will leave craving matzo ball soup, and planning her grandson’s Bar Mitzvah!

Shabbat Shalom.  I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Love your kids, be kind to others, and see people at human beings first.  I hope all our troops come home soon, safe and healthy.

To Sarah Palin, I again want to say that it was a pleasure meeting you.  No matter how fabulous your Prada boots are, I would never want to spend a day in your shoes, and have to deal with the hate that is projected towards you.  That said, you have a lot of fans who support you.  You can be proud, as they were kind to me, and represent you well. 

I’m over talking about it now, and I am done with my foray into politics.  I have a date this weekend, and perhaps he will be my last first date ever.  Not sure it’s possible, but I believe it can be, and that is half the battle.  I will always keep the faith.

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