Top 5 Joan Rivers red carpet one-liners

Reigning Oscar fashion guru Joan Rivers talked to The Journal’s Naomi Pfefferman on the good, the bad and the ugly on the red carpet. Rivers has had her trademark job sniping at red carpet faux paus since 1996, though she’s recently retired the live carpet for the post-show round-up. What makes Rivers great—besides her dirty, dirty comedy and her excessive plastic surgery—is that she makes the very drab topic of fashion fun.

Here are a few of our favorite Rivers one-liners:

Why she’s quit the live carpet in favor of round-up shows: “It’s gotten so boring,” she said. “You can’t ask anybody a real question, because their PR lady will then not let you have the next four people that they own.”

On how she managed to incur $37 million in debt: “I love to live very well, and I was taking anything. I still take anything. If I have $1, I spend $1.05.”

On whether she’ll ever interview Mel Gibson, whom she deems “an anti-Semitic piece of shit”: “God, no,” she said. Would she comment on his clothing? “Constantly,” she said. “I’ll always say he came dressed wrong because his SS uniform is at the cleaners.”

On why she can talk about her own plastic surgery but not anyone else’s: “The lawyer from E! came running down the hall yelling, ‘Don’t say that — she’s very litigious.’”

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