The Bachelor Gets Another Wedding – FINALLY!

After years of waiting, it finally happened, and The Bachelor had a wedding this weekend.  Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney got married this past Saturday in the Los Angeles area.

I have spent time with Jason and he is wonderful.  When I first met him, I thought he was not a particularly nice guy because of what happened with Melissa Rycroft on his season.

After speaking with him over frozen yogurt, we spent a lot of time together and I got his side of the story.  I was so annoyed that he did not give me the happily ever after ending that I wanted as a viewer, that I failed to see that he got the fairytale ended that HE wanted, with Molly.

After we spent time together, I realized the one that got screwed by his mistake, was Molly.  The show worked for her.  She met her Prince Charming.  But instead of having him pick her during the finale, and it be a success story, she was painted as the bad one.

I love this couple, and I am thrilled that their story will air on ABC as a special on March 8th.  The Bachelor experiment works!  All the haters, and people who say it’s a ridiculous show, can watch on March 8th and see two people, who fell in love on television, say I do.

The Bachelor proves that love can be found if you are looking for it.  If you approach the hopes and dreams of finding your soul mate, with intensity and sincere efforts, you will find it.  Molly hung on, and good for her!  That she was able to take him back, and didn’t let her ego stop her, is impressive.  While Jason took a bumpy path, he followed his heart and gets not only a bride, but a terrific woman to help raise his son.

I have renewed faith and belief in The Bachelor television show.  I will go into the finale tonight, knowing that if it does not happen for Jake, that’s ok.  It will perhaps happen for the next one.  Unless it’s Ali, in which case I don’t care if it happens or not.

Mazel Tov to the new Mr. and Mrs. Mesnick.  May you have a happy and healthy life, and remember the long road you took to get to this glorious place.  Love was found.  Bravo for keeping the faith.