The View Needs A Jew Barbara Walters

There is no television show that is in more desperate need of a Jew, than The View.  I like the women who host the show, but lately there has been a gaping hole in what they do.  I have decided that what is missing, is a Jew.

It’s cute when Whoopi says faklempt, and Joy always gets a laugh with kvelling, but I’ve got to draw the line at Elisabeth saying meshugena.  There is diversity in terms of race, age and political parties.  There is the point of view of women who are married, divorced, or living together.  But there is no Jew.

If you stereotype people by their names, you could assume that there are a lot of behind the scenes Jews working at The View.  Truth is, that is the case on most television shows.  Jews are always in the background making things happen, but we don’t really see the face of Jews upfront.

Barbara Walters, I’m your Jew.  I’m a good fit within the group of ladies.  I would rock at hot topics because I am a pop culture, and political junkie.  I’m divorced like Sheri, but unlike the terrific Ms. Shepherd, I date like a maniac in search of love.

I’m funny and irreverent like Joy, and don’t care what people think about me, like Whoopi.  There’s no real similarity between Elisabeth and me, other than the fact that she weighs now, what I weighed in the 2nd grade.  Give me a little time to research it though, and I will come up with something.  It might be made up, but still, it will be something.

It would be an honor and a privilege to sit at the table with the national treasure that is Barbara Walters.  I grew up watching her on television, and used to dream of her interviewing me for her Oscar special.  I like her, and think she and I would hit it off.

Let’s make this happen Bill Geddie.  You could be the first show to officially celebrate “Put A Jew In Front Of The Camera Day”.  I could come on the show, meet a man in NYC, get engaged, and then get married on the show.  Think sweeps baby!

I record The View everyday.  I’m going to watch a little more closely, and start a weekly blog incorporating my voice into the show.  The View Needs A Jew will become a regular feature on Keeping The Faith, until Mr. Geddie contacts me to come and sit on the panel.

It’s not a huge commitment Bill.  I just want to do it one time.  One day, sitting at the table, with my own mug, chatting with the ladies.  I will be a very romantic perspective, which is one that you are lacking.  You are missing not only a Jewish point of view, but also the perspective of a woman who believes in love and will search until she finds it.

So…. here we go.  Let’s bring a Jew to the View!  I am on a mission to make it happen.  Joy is close, but just because her boyfriend is a Jew, she is not.  Whoopi is a Goldberg, close but not quite there.  I am a bona fide Jew my darling ladies, so let’s go. 

I am going to take a moment to enjoy the view, while I’m waiting to enjoy The View.  I’m watching everyday, keeping up to date on hot topics, and keeping the faith.