The Olympics Get Weird, American Idol Fails & The Bachelor Conspiracy Theory

Does anyone else think the ice dancing teams that are made up of brothers and sisters are a little weird?  Every time I see them in an embrace, or the guy holding the girl in a sensual position, I think about The Cutting Edge and it creeps me out.

It’s hilarious to hear the announcers describe a couple that is married or dating.  They speak about how romantic it is, and that you can see their love, and feel the connection.  Then when it’s a brother and sister, they get kind of awkward because they can’t talk about it the same way, because that would be strange.

There are so many hours of practice involved to even get to the Olympics, that I can only imagine how many times those brothers are sliding their sisters bodies down their own during the lifts.  I find it odd, and I would not want my kids to be partners.

I totally get that it’s easier to have only one practice schedule, in terms of schlepping the kids around, and I support anything that makes a mother’s life easier.  That said, it’s weird and surely there must be enough ice dancers in the world that you don’t need to partner with your sibling.  I’m just saying.

I thought that the switch to 4 judges last year on American Idol made no sense, and now I’m even more certain that it does not work.  They never should of let Paula go, and for me, the show is dying a slow and painful death.

I love Ellen, but she makes no sense on the judging panel.  I don‘t understand how it is that she is qualified to give an opinion on the careers of young singers.  Last night was the first live show, and there was just no flow.  It was off, and I didn’t think the girl singers were that great.

Do we really need to hear four people tell these kids that they are pitchy?  They all said the same thing.  Ellen seemed nervous and awkward, and I found myself really missing Paula, and resenting Kara for ruining what was a great thing.  Don’t even get me started on Ryan Seacrest.

I think the only person on the planet who may like Ryan less than me, is Brian Dunkelman.  I cannot wrap my head around how this guy is so successful.  He is cocky and silly, and where I once though he had a certain charm, that is gone.  He’s annoying, and brings nothing to the show.

I think the men’s group tonight will be better than the girls were.  I will continue to watch because it’s a show that my kid digs, but I’m kind of over it.  I will follow Simon to his new show, and I’m really hoping that Paula will be a judge on the X Factor.  She is missed on television.

I blogged about the Women Tell All Bachelor Special yesterday.  Let me just say, Oh.  My.  God.  People sure do have strong opinions about this show.  Not since I wrote about how I wanted Aaron Carter voted off of Dancing with The Stars, has a fan club so quickly come to defense of their hero.  People who love Ali, really love Ali.

These chicks are mean, which makes sense, since they idolize a mean girl.  They were very fast to come to her defense when I called her a lying celebrity wannabe.  It not only made me laugh, but also solidified my decision to not watch the next season if Ali is the Bachelorette.

The best emails I got were to share a conspiracy theory that I had not heard before.  Apparently there is a rumor that the man that Rozlyn was making out with was, get ready for it, JAKE!  I got emails saying that they had snuck away and were making out, and the show needed to end it, as it was really early in the season and would ruin the entire show if it got out.

They say the producer who was fired, was a scapegoat and got a nice buy out to walk away from the show.  I suppose it could be true.  It would get Rozlyn off the hook for lying, and for swearing on the life of her son.  It would also explain why we have not heard anything from the producer.

If you think back to all the episodes, and look at them with this theory in your mind, it actually makes sense.  How fabulous if it were true.  The thing is, if I got a dollar for every conspiracy theory about this show, I would be rich.  People sure do have a lot of time on their hands.

I’m a fan of The Bachelor.  Never miss an episode, and am convinced that love can be found this way.  You have got to be a Super Fan however, to spend your time coming up with conspiracy theories about what is happening and why.  It cracks me up, and only makes my crush on Mike Fleiss stronger.  I love you Mr. Fleiss.

I have a date tonight.  We met last weekend at the car dealership when I was getting an oil change.  He seemed like a nice guy, so I agreed to meet for a drink after work.  I am really trying.  Thinking outside the box, staying open to finding love in unexpected places, trying to trust myself, and always keeping the faith.