The Olympics, The Bachelor, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I love watching the Olympics.  I am pulling for Team USA of course, but my Canadian heart wants Canada to win everything!  It was a great weekend of highs and lows, and I cannot believe how late I am staying up to watch.  Especially since I could easily watch online during normal hours.

I was very emotional watching the brother/sister team of Roman and Alexandra Zaretski in the ice dancing competition.  As an Israeli born Jew, who moved to Canada as a child, it was a moment of incredible pride.  To see them dance on a world stage to Hava Nagila was magical.  Yay for Israel.

It would be amazing to have the ice dancing medals go to Canada, USA and Israel.  What a trip that would be.  I wish them all well tonight, and can’t wait to watch.  My prayers and best wishes go out to Joannie Rochette and her family.  I hope she does well tomorrow, and I am in awe of her strength.

As for the hockey game between the USA and Canada last night, come on boys.  The USA came in talking trash, and the Canadians had an unearned sense of entitlement.  They were playing like it was an opportunity for another miracle on ice, not a game that had no medal at stake.  It was a great game, but let’s hope they all grow up in time to fight for gold.

I want to know why it is that everyone at NBC refers to everything hockey as “Ice” hockey.  It’s the winter Olympics people, we know it is being played on ice.  I don’t believe roller hockey is played at the WINTER OLYMPICS.  Shut up already with the ice.  I love this game and hopes Canada takes Gold!

Tonight is “Women Tell All” night on The Bachelor.  I was at the taping of this special and it is explosive.  It will be interesting to see how they cut down hours of taping, into a 2 hour special.  We will see the return of this years skanky whore, Rozlyn, and it is awesome!

You are going to love the part where she comes back to talk to Chris Harrison.  This chick is crazy and I can’t wait to talk about it tomorrow!  I’ve been a good girl and kept quiet, but it airs tonight and tomorrow, the gloves are coming off because I’ve got a lot to say!

I think Tenley should be the next Bachelorette.  She deserves to be happy and find love.  Jake is not the man for her, and she should be praying that he does not pick her, so she can be the Bachelorette, and find the right guy. 

It will be entertaining to watch the girl who has only been with one man, make out with the masses.  She will go from Disney princess, to Bachelorette whore, in a matter of weeks.  THAT will be good television.

I cannot explain why, but I love the Kardashian family.  They are fascinating.  Never before has such a large group of people been rich and famous for absolutely no reason.  This is a very entertaining and attractive bunch, and I’m hooked.

To be clear, it’s an interesting show to watch, but there is no way that a movie needs to be made about these people.  Are you kidding me?  There is seriously a movie about their lives being planned.  We already know EVERYTHING about them, so why a movie?

Kourtney needs to dump her baby daddy.  This guy is a lying, cheating loser.  I feel so sad when she defends him.  I get that she has a new baby, and wants to give him a family, but she is better off alone.  She has a ton of support and help, and this guy is toxic.

Khloe scored when she married big.  She went from being known as the least attractive sister, to being the Laker wife, in a matter of weeks.  Good for her.  She loves her sisters and I hope she is happy.  I like that she is not afraid to say what she is thinking, even when it gets her in trouble.

Kim is truly stunning.  She has managed to take her one talent, looking beautiful, and turned it into a business.  Not since Ryan Seacrest, has someone created such a huge career out of nothing.  Makes sense Ryan produces her show, as they have so much in common.

Kris Jenner works hard, and I give her credit for taking her family to this level.  It’s impressive that she has kept Bruce Jenner in the news 34 years after he won gold.  She is good at what she does, and clearly loves her children. 

Not sure how much she loves herself however, when she allows her children to talk to her like they do.  There is no respect there, and I would not allow it from my kid.  Those kids have careers because of her, and they should be a little more respectful and kind to their mom.

It’s going to be a good week.  I have 2 dates lined up from an online dating site.  I am trying something new, as I have vowed to stay away from a certain “Jewish” dating site, which operates in a very un-kosher way, so wish me luck. 

I will meet you back here tomorrow to talk about The Bachelor.  Good luck to the Olympians who are competing today.  To Kim Kardashian, who thinks Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas will play Kris and Bruce Jenner in her movie, have another drink, and keep the faith.