The Bachelor’s Cinderella, Tiger Woods, and The Doctor

THE DOCTOR:  I had a date last night.  He is a podiatrist, 52, divorced with 3 young adult children.  It was a lovely date.  We went for dinner and spent a couple of hours together.  Our conversation was fluid and easy.  He is a nice looking man, not what I am normally attracted to, but nice looking.

I am searching for love.  I am mature and evolved enough to know that the man I will spend my life with, may not look as I imagine.  I want a man who is funny and kind.  The most important thing to me is that he be Jewish.  It’s the one thing I won’t let go of.

The thing is, I don’t think I should have to let it go.  It’s my faith and belief system.  Judaism shapes my worldview.  The podiatrist is a wonderful man.  He was raised Jewish but is currently an atheist.  I believe in God.  Not only do I believe in God, but he is ever present in my life.

I won’t be going out with the podiatrist again.  There is a difference that is simply too big for me to overlook.  People have a lot of opinions about my decision to only date within my faith.  It’s cool.  In the end, the new man in my life may not be Jewish.  He will however, believe in God.

CINDERELLA: I got an email yesterday from a reader named Patty. She wrote the following:  Vienna reminds me of Cinderella.  Living with all the mean stepsisters, aka Ali, Corrie, Tenley.  She is picked on and ganged up on. They are afraid that the prince (Jake) will fall in love with her, so they make a pact to make sure she doesn’t get the glass slipper (rose).  We know how the story ends right?  The prince (Jake) falls in love with Cinderella (Vienna) and they live happily ever after.

Bravo Patty.  I think that is best analogy about the show that I have heard.  Vienna is totally Cinderella, and I hope the outcome is the same for her, as it is in the fairytale.  In the end, I don’t really care about this group as much as I have for other seasons. 

I was at the taping of The Women Tell All Special and I’m curious about how they will edit down 7 hours of taping, into a 2 hour special.  At the end of that show I will either love The Bachelor more, or have no respect for the process.  Will they show what really happened, or edit it into something else?  I’m ready for it to be over and move onto The Bachelor Pad.

TIGER WOODS:  I just did not get the news conference.  He was all over the place.  He talked about a million things and seemed unfocused to me.  I was so hoping we would see Tiger speaking with humility.  In the end he was came across as arrogant and angry.

I believe he is sorry.  I would have believed him more however, if he took questions.  When he looked into the camera and seemed to speak directly to his wife, his desperation was palpable.  In the end, I wanted him to take responsibility, which he did, but he lost focus, and it came across as very ego driven.  I can’t wait to see the skit that is undoubtedly coming from Saturday Night Live.

I feel bad for Tiger Woods.  I really do.  I think he is sorry.  Sorry that he did what he did, but even more sorry that he got caught.  It was weird that he went to hug people after he spoke, then just turned around and left.  I find myself more annoyed with him now, than I was before the press conference.

He has small children and I appreciate that he is trying to save his marriage, and get help for whatever his issues are.  The thing is, when someone shows you who they are, you must believe them the first time.  Tiger is a cheater and as long as he has an ego, he will continue to be a cheater.

If Elin were my friend, or my sister, I would tell her to not take him back.  She should forgive him, give him access to children, support him as her friend, and the father of her children.  She should not however, be his wife.  She deserves better.

It’s been an interesting week of reality television.  The Bachelor, Survivor, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Project Runway and The Tiger Woods Experiment.  I love reality television but I can’t watch them all, so I will dump The Tiger Woods Show off of my playlist.  It will go into the reality television pile of crap I’ve started, along with Patti Stanger and the disaster that is Millionaire Matchmaker.

I send my condolences to Adir Vered’s family and friends on their heartbreaking loss.  Love your kids, keep them safe, and count your blessings.  Shabbat Shalom, have a wonderful weekend, and keep the faith.