The Bachelor Reality: Good, Bad and Ugly

I love this show and have watched it since the first season, when The Bachelor, Alex Michel, was gay.  (Not dating men gay, but dating women when he should have been dating men gay.)  Not since the second season when Bachelorette Trista picked Ryan, has there been a true home run.  Others have found love of course, but Trista and Ryan are the ones who showed that the experiment could work.

There have been seasons where I actually yelled at the television when wrong decisions were made.  This show has made me laugh and cry.  At the end of the day, I suppose I watch it because there is an element of train wreck that I just can’t look away from.  I watch a lot of reality television, but a large part of why I watch this particular show, is because I believe in love.  I believe in love and support any path that people take to find it. 

In the early seasons, it was easy to believe that people went on to find love because the show was new, and the idea that it could make you famous was a stretch.  That is not the case now.  A lot of the people who go on this show, are there to get famous, not find love.  While I understand their goals, it’s disappointing, but more than that, it’s entertaining.  If I were in my early twenties, and wanted to shake things up, this show would do the trick.

I blogged that I think Jake should select Vienna this season, and I got a lot of flack.  I also wrote that I think Ali is a fame hungry, skanky, liar, and got flack for that too.  Come on people, it’s a television show.  It’s not even real television, it’s fantasy, I mean reality television.  It’s fascinating how people get so invested in the lives of these strangers.  I’m not judging, or pointing fingers, because I do the same thing.

THE GOOD: Tenley is too good for Jake.  They have nothing in common.  She is infatuated with him, for reasons that are understandable.  She is gun shy and trying to put herself out there following her divorce, and good for her.  Tenley is the girl who most deserves to find love, but she will not find it with Jake.  She should be the new Bachelorette and find the perfect match, rather than settle for the one bachelor that gets to do the picking.

THE BAD:  Jake started out as the All-American good guy, and over the course of the season, has become a bit of a pig.  He talks about morals and yet does not seem to really have any.  He fake cries, and there is certain insincerity to what he says.  He manipulated both Gia and Corrie in my opinion. I feel like he says what he thinks the audience wants to hear.  I feel bad for him because I don’t believe he knew what he was getting himself into.  He started off good, and went bad.

THE UGLY: How is it that Ali is America’s sweetheart?  This girl is horrible.  She has been mean spirited and petty from the beginning.  She was a frontrunner and when she saw that Vienna was going to be competition, she began bashing her.  We never saw Vienna say or do anything mean spirited, yet Ali says she is a bad person and everyone agrees. To make her the Bachelorette would be rewarding her for playing unfair. 

THE REALITY: Vienna is a nice girl.  We are learning through the tabloids that she has made some bad decisions, but let’s remember that she is 23 years old.  That is really young, and we all made mistakes when we were her age.  Well I didn’t, but a lot of people do. I feel sorry for Vienna.  She has been attacked from the very first moment she arrived and it’s too bad because I think Jake loves her and his watching the show play out, may change his mind.

Love makes people do crazy things.  Even if it’s not really love, but you think it is, it makes you do crazy things.  I will keep watching this show.  I will watch, invest and pull for my favorites.  I will continue to blog my take on it, and therefore piss people off.  I can be sarcastic, snarky and opinionated.  At the end of the day however, I am a romantic and I watch because love is all around us and sometimes we need to look in odd places to find it.

I don’t know what Jake will do, but whatever it is, I hope he is happy.  I like him.  We will never understand what it feels like to go through this experience.  He has been a good Bachelor and I hope there are no regrets.  To the ladies, I cannot imagine that the tabloid scrutiny, including opinionated bloggers, writing about your past is worth it.  All you can do in the end is believe that you will find love.  Believe, and keep the faith.