LIVE From LimmudLA: Jammin’ JEWS

It was already close to midnight Saturday night when I pushed myself to go downstairs—with the draw that Dov Rosenblatt, singer, songwriter of the band ” title=”Matt Barr”>Matt Barr, a rapper from Jerusalem joined the band, and I am not equipped to describe the magic that followed, that would take someone more musical and knowledgeable about rap than me, but I would just say Watch for this Guy.
Informal and often a bit jumbled, the session was far more musically professional and funny and emotional than I’d expected. Partly due, in fact, to Dov Rosenblatt’s generous spirit and soulful hosting of all concerned. He has been a favorite of mine for years, for his music and mix of spirituality and pop.
There is a very new Jewish music happening, and I felt that I was witnessing it. Live from Limmud.

Update: I’ve learned that the mom’s name is Linda Korn…Glad to give her the recognition!