The Millionaire Matchmaker Should Set Up Lori Gottlieb

I have decided to no longer watch Millionaire Matchmaker.  I simply cannot watch it without getting annoyed.  My dilemma, is that I have gotten so many emails from my regular readers asking me to not give up, and blog about it one more time.

I love you my darlings, and I respect that you spend time reading my blog.  The truth is, I just tried to watch this week’s episode, and lasted about 2 minutes, before I wanted to throw something at the television.

When Patti Stanger dismissed a wedding planner, because she had never done a “celebrity” wedding, it was over.  I do not understand why this show is still on television, why people watch it, or why she thinks she is a celebrity.

As I was trying to stop my eyes from burning, I realized that I know who the perfect client is for Patti Stanger and her team.  They simply must set up Lori Gottlieb!

If Patti Stanger can find someone to marry Lori Gottlieb, I will not only watch her show, but I will let everyone know it is the greatest show ever!  If she can find a match, who has also read Ms. Gottlieb’s book, she will be the greatest matchmaker to have ever walked the face of the earth.

I think Patti and Lori should hang out.  They have so much in common, they could be BFF’s. To those who wrote to ask that I blog one more time about the train wreck that is Millionaire Matchmaker, forgive me.  I just can’t do it.  I really tried.  In the end, it turns out that even I have my reality television limits.

Shabbat Shalom.  Have a wonderful weekend, and to anyone who celebrate Valentine’s Day, enjoy.  To those searching for love, buy yourself some flowers and get a box of chocolates.  Next year we will all be in love, if we just keep the faith.