Let’s Grab A Drink Scarlett Johansson

I love television and the movies.  I am not ashamed to admit that I read People, US Weekly, and many of the other entertainment based gossip magazines.  I like the pictures, and find the fodder entertaining.  Do you ever think about celebrities, and wonder what kind of friend they are?

For a long time I have felt that if George Clooney were to ever meet me, he would immediately profess his undying love, meet with a Rabbi to begin the conversion process, go ring shopping, and we would be married and live happily ever after, for as long as we both shall live.

I was having a discussion with friends about Jews marrying Jews.  We were talking about how many Jewish men marry outside their faith, and someone said they thought women do it more often.  I mentioned that I personally knew more men than women, who chose to have an interfaith marriage.

Someone then used Scarlett Johansson as an example of a Jewish woman marrying outside her faith.  I was surprised.  Not that Scarlett married someone who was not Jewish, but that she was Jewish at all.  I was the only person there, who did not know that Scarlett was Jewish.

I went online to see for myself, and there it was, her mother comes from a Jewish family in the Bronx.  I read up on her and it turns out that she is quite interesting, and a great role model for women.  I’m willing to bet she is loyal, and wouldn’t advise her friends to settle for “Mr. Good Enough”.

She has a career that consists of both hits and misses.  She transitioned from being a child actor, into adult roles, very successfully.  I do not know her, but I think I would really like her.  She seems great, and I’m happy for her and her successes, both professionally and personally. 

I would like to go out for drinks with Scarlett Johansson.  Actually, Scarlett and Sarah Silverman.  I think that would be a fun night.  I told my son about my made-up night out with the girls, and he said I should also invite Natalie Portman, so we would have a full table of “4 hot Jewish chicks.”

For every one really bad, stereotyped Jewish woman, (Patti Stanger), there are fabulous Jewish women like Scarlett, Natalie and Sarah to be fabulous role models.  I hope that my son will one day meet a wonderful, smart, and funny Jewish woman to share his life with.

While I’m waiting for that to happen, I am going to work on getting these three ladies together for a drink.  If I can get one, it will create a domino effect and they will all join in.  So, Scarlett, call me.  I will be standing by, waiting for the call, and keeping the faith.