Super Bowl Sunday

Even if you don’t like football, today is a great day.  The Super Bowl is a game that is worth watching.  It is a day that is full of the American dream and people around the world watch, and live a little piece of the dream along with us.  You become invested even if you don’t follow the regular season.

I love the video packages they do on the players, showing their personal journey to the Super Bowl.  I am not ashamed to say that those videos make me cry.  When they talk about how they struggled to get there, I feel for them and want to see them win.

By the time I’ve seen a few of the video packages,  I’m torn over who I want to win because I see how important it is to all of them, regardless of the team they are on.  This is not just a game for the men who play.  It is a lifetime of chasing the holy grail.  I am not a hardcore football fan, but I have decided I am supporting the New Orleans Saints.

The one bad thing about New Orleans winning the Super Bowl,  is that we will have to listen to the Kardashian family talk about it like they were somehow responsible for the win.  They will figure out a way to make it about them.  It’s almost enough to make me go with the Colts. 

I have the romanticized view that if the Saints can win the Super Bowl, New Orleans can overcome anything.  This is a city that has earned the right to take center stage for an event that is full of joy not pain.  The Saints carry the weight of their city, and each of the residents, on their shoulders as they enter the stadium, and I hope they win.

I love it that Peyton Manning is the Quarterback for the Colts, but is from New Orleans.  I love it that Archie Manning, his dad, was the Quarterback for the Saints back in the day.  I love it that even though the Saints have never won the Super Bowl, the city has never abandoned their team.

There must be a little piece of Peyton that is torn today.  He is a Colt and his job is to help them win the championship.  He has worked hard and deserves to be there with his team.  His heart however, belongs to the city of New Orleans, and a part of him must want them to be victorious.

If the Saints win, it will be a story that we will all remember.  Men will tell their sons about the year the Saints finally won the Super Bowl.  It will be a story of redemption and faith, hope and promise.  They will win for a city that has stood by them for years, with no glory.

If I were brave, I would gather up my single girlfriends, go to a sports bar, and watch the game surrounded by men in their team jerseys and have a field day looking at all the eye candy.  In the end, I’m not that brave and will watch at home.

It is a great day for football and for the country.  It sounds so grand and over the top, but it’s true.  The world’s eyes are on upon our nation today as they all watch a battle which will determine the ultimate champions.  It is exciting and inspiring.

Enjoy the game, the commercials and the food.  To the Indianapolis Colts I wish you the best and congratulate you on making it to the end.  To the city of New Orleans and their beloved Saints, I hope you win.  It is your time.  Be strong, stay focused to very last second and keep the faith.