Mel Gibson, Sarah Palin and Rahm Emanuel

I don’t care that Mel Gibson called a news reporter an “a-hole”.  The fact is, the guy was being an a-hole.  The reporter brought up Mel’s drunken tirade from 4 years ago.  Who still cares?  Is Gibson now going to be labeled a Jew hating drunk for the rest of his life?

I don’t care that Rahm Emanuel called some people “f’ing retarded” in a private meeting.  Would Sarah Palin have had the same reaction if she did not have a special needs child?  Before her youngest son was born, did she never refer to someone as retarded in an unkind way?

I find it interesting when people jump on something that is not interesting, and turn it into a story, when it’s nothing.  We’ve all said things we are not proud of.  Anyone who ways they have never said an unkind, mean spirited, or race/religion based stereotype, is probably not being truthful.

Do people judge Mel because he spoke badly about Jews?  Would people not care what Rham said if he were not Jewish?  One could argue that Jews are targeted, and need to stand up for ourselves because so much hate is directed at us.

Or maybe, just maybe, people are overreacting?  Mel Gibson could be a bad drunk, not a Jew hater.  Perhaps Rahm Emanuel has a foul mouth because he is in a high stressed job, not because he is a Jew.  Maybe people need to relax and not over think it all.

There are people in the world who seriously hate Jews and wish them harm.  Let’s worry about them, and not waste our time boycotting Mel Gibson films.

There are people who are spewing filth all around us.  Let’s ask the kids in the mall to watch their language around our kids, and not worry that Mr. Emanuel is cussing in his office.

Sarah Palin is a charming and beautiful woman, but her political views are scary, so let’s not give her opinion so much attention.

The news can be scary and alarming.  Some days however, it’s just silly.  He said – she said, can be entertaining, but is usually just boring.

We all need to be more aware of the language we use, and be careful not to hurt others.  Let’s not worry about the f-ing, retarded,  a-holes, and focus on keeping the faith.