Editing vs. Censorship

I posted a couple of blogs this week that the Jewish Journal felt were not in line with their core values, so they determined it best to remove them.  My intention was never to compromise the integrity of The Jewish Journal and if that is what happened, then I am sorry. 

Here’s the thing, I write my opinion.  My blogs are based on my experiences and my take on things.  If I feel strongly about someone, or something, then I am going to write about it.  The Jewish Journal has allowed me the freedom to speak my mind, and for that I am very grateful.  At the end of the day, it is their site and they need to feel okay with my work.  That said, it is my work and I will defend it.

I am able to edit myself and welcome the edits and opinions of others.  There is a fine line however, between editing and censorship, and that line was blurred today.  I am going to be meeting with the Journal to determine what that line is, so we can come to a place where I feel I am able to speak freely, and they can feel comfortable with my blog being on their site.

It’s all good people.  I have a date tonight and I will keep detailed notes so I can share with you later. 

Thanks for reading and remember to Keep The Faith.