John Edwards, Douche Lord

I write a blog about looking for love.  My heart has been broken.  Rather than retreat to a life of loneliness and defeat, I wipe myself off and get back up, each time I fall. 

I admittedly have a romanticized view of love.  I believe in soul mates and happily ever after.  There are few examples that I can refer to and say, I want what they have.

I can remember looking at John and Elizabeth Edwards and thinking that they were the fairytale.  They were beautiful, successful and in love.  They endured unimaginable heartbreak, and tremendous joy.

They were united and it was beautiful. His support of her through her illness was inspiring.  During the heartache that I experienced, I took comfort in their marriage.  It gave me hope.

That was then.  Today, I think John Edwards is a Douche Lord and his wife should divorce him.  His little girl, Quinn, should never give him the privilege of ever knowing her. 

I am not going to hold back, and while I know I will get slammed for it, I don’t care.  This guy is beyond disgusting.  I get that people cheat on their spouses.  I have been cheated on.  It happens, and though it’s a deal breaker for me, it does not have to be for everyone.

When Elizabeth stayed with him after his infidelity I felt for her.  I supported her decision.  I’m not sure her staying with him would have been the outcome, if she were not sick, but whatever.  She was not willing to give up a life with a man she loved for a mistake.  Good for her. 

He has been denying that he was the father of this little girl from the moment she was born.  Put aside what he thinks about his wife or his whore.  What does it say about him that he did not care about this child?

This little girl is going to grow up with a father who is a Douche Lord and a mother who is a whore.  She slept with a man who she knew was married.  She knew that not only was he married, his wife was ill.  Her lack of respect for herself and Mrs. Edwards makes her a whore. 

I feel horrible for Elizabeth and her children.  I feel horrible for this little girl.  I even feel a little bad for the whore that she got herself into this mess.  Who I do not feel sorry for, is John Edwards.

He has embarrassed himself and his family.  I hope the punishment is great.  I pray that Elizabeth has the strength to survive this.  Should she pass now, it will be yet another nail that he put into her coffin.  How much more is this poor woman supposed to deal with?

God Bless this family.  These are lives that are forever changed because of this pig.  John Edwards is a Douche Lord and he better start praying.  Do not waste your time praying for forgiveness John.  Pray that you are travelling first class on the train to hell because that is where you are headed.

Life will go on for all of us.  I pray that it will also go on for Elizabeth Edwards.  I am sending her my prayers.  Keep the faith Mrs. Edwards.  Keep the faith.

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