Reality Television vs. Dating

Yesterday a reader named Tamar sent me the following comment: “It seems that your blog is less about being single in LA and more about reality TV. What happened to that? If I want a reality TV rundown I could go elsewhere.”

You are correct Tamar.  The last couple of weeks have been more about television than my dating life.  And yes, if you want to read about reality shows, you could totally look somewhere else.  They won’t be nearly as entertaining as mine, but you are welcome to go take a look.

Here’s the thing, my current dating life sucks.  It’s a drag.  I’ve lost my energy in terms of getting all dolled up to have dinner with a stranger.  Even my heartfelt desire to be in a relationship is being tested. 

First, it is pouring rain and impossible for me to have cute hair.  I either have to go with Jew fro, or slick it back in a bun.  I could put on a hat, but it shades my face, and then he’ll think I’m trying to hide something.

I’ve had 2 dates in last couple of weeks and both were too pathetic to even write about.  By pathetic of course I mean embarrassing.  I honestly did not think it would be this hard to meet someone.  I am fearless in terms of putting myself out there, but I just don’t have it in me at the moment. 

Date one was with a man who was 42 and spent the entire date calling me a cougar.  I am 8 months older than him.  8 months and I am a cougar!  He told the waiter we were on our first date and I was a cougar.  I wanted to smack him, but then he would have had me arrested for child abuse.  I bailed.  No second date.

Date two was with a man who was 55 and really lovely.  We had a nice date and while there was an age difference, we had things in common and he was a gentleman.  I enjoyed it.  When I put my hand on his arm while talking, I realized he had old people skin.  It was super soft and loose and I just couldn’t do it.  I bailed.  No second date.

How many horrible dates can I write about?  Even I’m starting to feel sorry for myself.  I’m much more comfortable with all of you feeling sorry for me.  Do you have someone to set me up with Tamar?  You could snap me out of my dating funk with one simple set up!

I went to a party last weekend for a friend’s birthday.  (Happy Birthday Elaine!  Great party.)  Other than a couple of fabulous gay men, I think I was the only single woman there.  I met some really fabulous couples, and it made me want to be part of a couple, yet lately I’ve done nothing to make it happen for me.

I am a dating machine.  I date a lot.  In fact, I date more than any of my single friends.  I love men and I date to meet someone, so I decided to be proactive until I find him.  The thing is, I’ve lost my mojo.  Rather than date just for the sake of dating, I’m laying low and watching reality television.

I suffer, because it’s harder to get back on the horse when you wait too long.  My readers suffer, because I am not regaling them with my dating antics.  My Beshert suffers, because I am not searching for him, so he has to wait for me.  It’s a big mess.

Your comment may have been just what I needed to kick me back into gear.  Thanks Tamar.  I am going to round up a date for this weekend.  I need to get my fabulous self back out there.  Enough is enough.  You are a good reader!

I am having dinner with some girlfriends tonight so maybe I’ll hit on the waiter.  I need some practice since I’ve been out of it for a while.  Maybe I’ll start with the busboy or the valet guy, and work my way up to the waiter by dessert.

I’m not giving up on my reality television recaps though.  Tonight is the season finale of Jersey Shore so you know I’ve got to say something!  I will get back on track with my dating this weekend and all will be well again.

Thank you Tamar.  Thanks to everyone who reads my blog.  I am amazed every day by how many people read it.  I appreciate you staying with my while I go through a dating slump.  As for my getting back to the focused single dater that I truly am, just keep the faith!