Rozlyn Papa and the Bachelor

I cannot believe that Rozlyn Papa is making the rounds on every gossip and entertainment show that will have her and calling foul.  It is fascinating that so many people care.  I mean I totally care but I’m just surprised that so many other people do too.

I happen to think she is a lying skank but that is just my opinion and you are welcome to disagree.  She was there to be famous and she is cashing in on her 15 minutes of fame.  I’ve got $20 that says they put her in The Bachelor Pad and she hooks up there. 

She is on television talking about how mortified she is that she is being painted in a bad light and what will her young son think of her.  If she were worried about what her son thought she would not have pranced around in a bathing suit kissing a man that had just kissed a bunch of other girls and said she wanted to bite him.  If your son thinks you’re a skank Rozlyn it’s because that is what you portrayed yourself as.

One could argue that there may be some truth to what she is saying because it was discovered after she was booted that she had some arrests when she was young and it was not discovered by the show so they knew and schemed the whole thing to blow up for ratings.  Those who argue that are stupid.

Why would Mike Fleiss risk his credibility on a skank?  Why would he use his #1 show to hurt some stranger?  Why would he tell her she could not talk about her son when Ella is on there talking about Ethan every two seconds?  It’s all a little fishy to me and by fishy of course I mean skanky.

I think Rozlyn is an opportunist who used The Bachelor as her casting couch and she is delusional if she thinks she was singled out to boost ratings by manipulating her situation.  I think she should marry The Situation and go live happily ever after on The Jersey Shore. 

Wait.  That was mean.  Mike is way too classy for Roslyn, she should go be a housewife in New Jersey and be best friends with Danielle.  Oh man!  Even Danielle is too classy for Rozlyn.  She should get a condo with Carrie Prejean where they can share make up and clothes and try to out-skank each other.

I’m not buying her sob story.  Not even for a minute. I hope she enjoys a couple days of television notoriety because come next Monday one of the ladies of Crazytown will do something fabulous and she will be bumped to the “Who cares about you” aisle of past Bachelor contestants where she belongs.

I am not surprised at the lengths that people will go to become famous.  We live in a time when you can go on a reality television show and expose yourself in a way that will guarantee interest.  I get it and bravo to the brave ones who are able to do it.  I love reality television so it’s all good for me. 

I am surprised however when a woman is willing to sell her soul to the devil for 15 minutes of fame and then call foul in terms of her kid.  Roslyn knew exactly what she was doing and in the end she hurt son and nothing is worth that to me. 

Rozlyn needs to sleep with one eye open because karma tends to sneak up on you when you least expect it.  As for The Bachelor, you’re good to be rid of her Jake.  Not to worry as there are plenty more crazies to choose from.  And as for Rozlyn’s son, not to worry sweetie pie, by the time you are old enough to understand what your mother did no one will remember who she was.

Monday night at 8 cannot come quick enough and I will be in front of my television watching, laughing, and cringing.  To Rozlyn my advice would be to just stop talking because you are making it worse and when it all dies down and your 15 are over, remember to keep the faith.

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