It is very rare that I buy myself something that would be considered frivolous or be anything that would fall under the “spoil myself” category. I would always rather spend my money on my son and I do it with pleasure.  I think part of it is the life of a single mother.  I’m not saying all mothers don’t put their kids needs first, but being a single mother is different and sacrifices are made in ways that are unique to single parents.

My friend Michelle always talks about a place she calls “Scrub Scrub”.  She describes it as a phenomenal spa downtown where they do a body exfoliating scrub and massage.  Michelle and I hike with a group of friends on Saturday mornings and she mentioned this weekend that she was going to Scrub Scrub on Sunday.  My son came on the hike and asked me if I was going to get a message. 

I told him I was not but that one day I would.  He told me I always spend money on him and I should do it.  He made plans to see a movie with friends so I could go and relax.  He also gave me $20 to help pay for it.  When he wanted to share the expense it touched my heart and made me cry.  Everything makes me cry but this was something special.  I was so proud of him and secretly put the $20 back in his wallet.

So yesterday Michelle and I went to Scrub Scrub and I must tell you that I have never seen anything like it.  It was a profound experience and I can’t quite wrap my mind around how really wonderful it was.  To clarify, Scrub Scrub is actually The Grand Spa in downtown Los Angeles.  It is located at 6th and Virgil and you can visit them at and I have decided that it is in fact, heaven on earth.

We walked in and were assigned a locker.  As we made our way to the locker room, we turned the corner and were looking at about 50 naked women.  They are all walking around and just doing their thing, oblivious to everyone else.  You go to the locker, get naked and off you go!  We started with 2 minutes in a wet sauna.  We then sat in a hot tub for about 5 minutes.  After the hot tub we took showers and then were called in by our masseuses.

You go into a room and lay down, still naked, on a table.  A little Korean woman in a bra and panties is there and ready for business.  My lady, Han, was very cute and little and if size is a clue, it was about to be a lovely hour.  Han directs me to lay down and the second she put her hands on me I entered a coma of some kind.  This little woman was freakishly strong! I wanted it to last forever and at the same time could not wait for it to be over. 

She spent an hour scrubbing every inch of my body removing an entire layer of skin. When she was done she sent me to the dry sauna for 3 minutes.  Not sure how I walked but I made it there and back where Han was waiting for me.  She then jumped up on the table, straddled me, and began to give me the most fabulous massage I have ever had.  Just when I thought it could not get any better, she scrubbed my head and then washed my hair.  It was that moment when I fell in love with Han.

This place is fabulous.  Not for everyone to be sure but if you can handle checking your ego at the door and sucking in your stomach for two hours it is perfection.  My skin feels like silk.  Every single inch of it.  Scrub Scrub is fantastic and there are no words to properly thank my friend Michelle.  It was a lovely gift and I am so appreciative for the experience and her generosity.  I left a much different person from how I arrived. 

I felt literally and figuratively naked.  She washed away more than just skin.  She pealed away layers of stress and toxic energy and I felt cleansed in body, mind and soul.  I walked out of there feeling truly blessed.  As women we need to take care of ourselves.  Whether our kids are young or old, whether you are pregnant or trying to have a baby, take care of you because it is only when we nourish ourselves that we are able to nourish others.

Thanks to Michelle and thanks to my son for pushing me to go.  I had a wonderful day. I woke up feeling refreshed and sound.  I feel fortunate and blessed and am relaxed today.  There is a smile on my face and I am calm which makes it quite easy to keep the faith.