New Year’s Eve is a wonderful day.  You can, for a short moment, lie to yourself and truly believe those lies.  You can promise that you will try to fix what has been broken, experience new things, better yourself, mend fences and live in a delusional state until you burst your own bubble.

I like this magical 24 hours and have been blessed to be able to accomplish at least one of my resolutions every year.  In 2009 the one I stuck with was to stop eating meat and I am very proud of the accomplishment. 

For my final blog of 2009 I have decided to publicly list my Top 20 List of resolutions, in no particular order, hereby inviting you to share in both my triumphs and failures:

1) Stop throwing away my hard earned money on JDate.

2) Lose 40 pounds and gain back only 20 so I lose the 20 I wanted.

3) Exercise because I love it not because I have to.

4) Study Torah.

5) Meet a Jewish man to share my life with.

6) Be a better recycler.

7) Forgive myself for my bad choices.

8) Forgive others for their bad choices.

9) Buy lottery tickets so I actually have a chance to win.

10) Don’t date men who have hidden girlfriends.

11) Don’t get another cat.

12) Keep a focused, not smothering eye on my son as he starts high school.

13) Stop dropping my iPhone every day.

14) Come to terms with the fact that Andy is gay and will never marry me.

15) Beat my son at a Wii game.  Just once will do.  Any game.  Just once.

16) See more of California.

17) Do more yoga.

18) Learn how to make sushi.

19) Stop dating losers.

20) Stop allowing the losers I date to make me feel like a loser.

There you have it my friends.  A hefty list to be sure, but there will be at least one resolution I accomplish and I feel confident this may be the year I master more than one.

I have learned a lot about myself through writing this blog and I thank you very much for reading.  I wish us all health and happiness in 2010.  Allow yourself to dream big because every once and a while dreams come true. 

The one thing I will always do, with no resolution required, is Keep The Faith.

Happy New Year.