Las Vegas – NOT

So last night was Christmas Eve and while I was tempted to stay in and watch It’s A Wonderful Life, I went out with my girlfriends Paige and Monica to the Commerce Casino for an evening of poker.

I have never been to a Casino in Los Angeles and so I thought it was going to be like walking into a little piece of Las Vegas.  When we got there it was indeed exactly like Las Vegas and by exactly of course I mean it was like an episode of COPS – Las Vegas.

It reminded me of what it must be like on visiting day at Pelican Bay. There were about 500 people, who under different circumstances would really frighten me, and then us, three Jewish Charlie’s Angels.  If I hadn’t been so fascinated I would of burst into tears, peed my pants in fear and begged that we go home without even sitting at a table.

Paige sat with a man who had no teeth, another who was missing 4 fingers, one who was clearly intoxicated, an old lady who was sleeping at her seat, and a lovely gentleman who got pissed off with each hand he lost and threw the cards down with disgust for everyone at his table.

Monica and I were at a table with a lady who said she plays for 17 hours in a row and appeared to have head lice, one who was missing a large chunk of her nose, a crystal meth addict, another drunk and a man who kept saying Mazel Tov to the winner of each hand.

It was crazy and while I can say that I will not be doing that again soon, the truth is I can’t wait to go back.  We played for about 4 hours and it flew by. I didn’t win any money and neither did Monica but Paige came ahead a few bucks.

It was a fun night so thanks to the girls for the adventure.  To those of you who celebrate Christmas I wish you a lovely day.  I will partake in the ancient Jewish tradition of an afternoon of movies and a scrumptious dinner of Chinese food.         

Last night I learned when to hold them and when to fold them.  Poker is very entertaining as long as you can block out who are playing at your table and remember to keep the faith.