Nintendo Wii

My son has a Nintendo Wii and all the things you can play on it amaze me.  You can play sports, exercise, race cars and spend time with the classic Mario Bros.  With all these games and activities available, I would like to submit to Nintendo that they create a dating game for the Wii and can call it Stud / Dud for Wii.

I had a date last night with a classic Stud/Dud.  He was very handsome, a total stud but he had nothing to say and was a total dud.  I’m a very social person and I like to think I can talk to anyone and have a conversation under the toughest of situations but last night I was stuck.  I just could not get a dialogue going with this guy and it was painful.

It would be so great if Nintendo could develop a game that can put you in any dating scenario possible so you can practice.  An interactive crash course so you can be prepared for anything.  I’m sure there are hundreds of scenarios that could be played out.  Here is a list of my last ten dates to get them started:

– Man who is great to look at but has nothing to say

– Man who has lied about his age by about 20 years

– Man who does not know how tall he is

– Man who has a serious drinking problem

– Man who can’t remember if his divorce is final

– Man who forgot to mention he lives with the ex

– Man who is rude and obnoxious to the wait staff

– Man who insists he is a non smoker and smells like a tobacco farm

– Man who wants to schedule when to have sex on a first date

– Man you are totally into but he is not into you

I really think it would be a great game.  It could also be sold as an educational tool.  Ladies who date would buy it, men who torture the women they date would buy it and married couples would buy it so they can watch it when fighting, thank God they are not single, then kiss and make up.

You’re welcome Nintendo.  The idea is all yours so run with it.  I will be waiting to get the prototype and look forward to getting it as a gift next Chanukah.  God willing I will be watching it with my husband, not as practice.  I will cross my fingers and keep the faith.