Susan Boyle

I love Susan Boyle.  I love her story, her voice and her album.  I love it all.  I think she is inspiring and beautiful and tragic and a fairytale come true.  I want to sit with her for a cup of tea, chat and be pals.  I think she is really lovely and I can’t imagine what this journey must be like for her.  I hope she is happy and ok and has people around her that she can trust.

I struggle with dating.  Will the men I like me back?  Will the ones who like me just not do it for me?  Can I trust myself that I can pick the right man to share my life?  For the most part I date happily because I know with each date I get closer to finding what I am looking for, but there are days when I am so scared and nervous that I cannot bare the thought of going out with yet another stranger hopping to find love.

I wonder what that feeling of fear must be like Susan Boyle.  In so many ways her new career is a blessing.  She entered the competition so we know she loves to sing but at the same time would she have done it if she knew that this would be her life now?  Is she scared?  Does she look forward to her new adventures or does she wish she had stayed in her quiet life?

I am supposed to go on a date tonight and I just don’t think I have it in me.  The thought of getting dolled up and going out to meet someone I do not know seems just a little much to handle today.  It’s rare that I’m not able to muster up the energy to give it a shot but for some reason today is hard.  I’m not sure what it is exactly and so all I can figure is that I’m scared and that’s what got me thinking about Susan.  Regardless of how much experience you have, are all women scared before a date?

I’m hoping I snap out of but if I don’t that will be okay too.  Everything happens for a reason and so I’ll let it run it’s course and be what it’s going to be.  Maybe the whole dating process would be easier if we didn’t have to do it on our own, one on one.  One could argue that it’s high school to want to go out in a group but maybe that’s the answer.

I’m not talking about going out to a bar with a group of girlfriends but rather going out to a singles event where you are in a group of people who are all there for the same reason.  Would that ease nerves?  Could knowing I am not doing this alone be the thing I need to be able to date happily?

There is a new Singles/Networking event being planned for Los Angeles.  It is being organized by a couple of great ladies and they approached me to be a part of it.  We met last night for drinks and dinner to discuss my participation and I must tell you that I’m really excited and I think it’s going to be great.

I will keep you all updated as things get worked out and I hope you will come.  It will be my first big “group date” and I think it will be wonderful.  We met last night at Café Was in Hollywood.  The food was phenomenal, the ambience was fabulous and the waiter, which to me is key, was divine.  It’s a great spot for a date so check them out at

I wish all good things to Susan Boyle.  She has touched my heart and I am pulling for her.  No matter how experienced you are, life can be scary.  I will focus on getting myself together so I can enjoy this evening with a man whom I am sure will be lovely.  Perhaps all I need to do is take a deep breath, pull out the perfect little black dress and keep the faith