Tiger Woods – Part 2

Last Friday I blogged that I think Tiger Woods is a pig and it generated more feedback than anything I have ever written for the Jewish Journal.  People were quick to share their opinions that I had no right to have an opinion.  Some were abrasive and rude, some were kind and concerned and others were just ridiculous.

I still think Tiger Woods is a pig.  I am willing to say however, that my opinion is based on gossip and at the end of the day it’s really none of our business.  To clarify though, I write a blog about being single and looking for love and when someone cheats, admits it, and a marriage is seemingly broken, it makes sense that a blog like mine would comment on it.

You can see the complete comments under the original blog but here are some things that were written to me:

– Who are you to judge someone else’s marriage?

– You are in no way ready to find your Beshert

– Do you know for sure he slept with a lot of women? 

– Do you know for sure they didn’t have an open marriage?

– Why do they call private life private again?

– I can’t see a reason why his marriage is any concern to you or me.

– Millions of others get away with it just because they can’t play golf.

– Why you wasted space with this trite loshon hora is beyond me.

– I’m so tired of hearing whiny women complain what a pig Tiger.

– There are always three sides to a story – his, hers and the truth.

These are all valid points but not because they are true.  They are valid because they are someone’s opinion and all opinions have value and everyone is entitled to not only have one but also share it.  I find it fascinating that people were offended that I wrote my opinion, yet used my blog to share their opinion, which is odd since they felt I should not have an opinion at all.

I’m not sure why people took such offence to what I wrote.  Could it be they just think it’s none of my business?  Could it be that some have experienced infidelity, were forgiven, and don’t want it labeled as a deal breaker?  Could it be that some could have been mistresses or had affairs with married men and feel it was okay?  I will never know the reasons people were so offended by what I wrote and I guess that is none of my business either.

At the end of the day I’m going to continue to write my opinions about things that interest me.  I am also going to write them knowing that it is only my opinion and my right to express myself is also afforded to those who read my blog and they are welcome to share their opinions with me. 

I appreciate the dialogue the article generated, apologize to those I offended, and respect your right to disagree with me.  We are never all going to agree on everything but the exchanging of thoughts and opinions was really wonderful and eye opening for me.  I am looking at the whole thing from a new perspective and that has allowed me to learn and grow.

One writer sent me this quote that was posted by one of her friends on Facebook.  They wrote:  “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly”.  It is a great way to look at love and a lesson that I am only now learning.

I am sending my sincere best wishes and good luck to Tiger Woods and his family. They will be able to figure out all their crap with one less blogger writing about it.  By one less blogger of course I mean there must be a blogger out there who will no longer be writing about them. 

Have a great week everyone and remember to keep the faith.