Cat Lady

I joke a lot about giving up on love and becoming a cat lady.  I am so discouraged with my dating life that covering my furniture in plastic and turning my home into a cat sanctuary is almost attractive.  This week I had three people approach me about adopting a cat they had to find a home for.  Is it a coincidence or a sign?  Rather than joke about it, perhaps I should take the must needed next step in becoming a cat lady and get another cat.

Could it be the holidays that makes single people reevaluate their lives and want to create a new path?  It’s hard to be alone at the end of the year.  I realize this admission is not cool and may be perceived as pathetic, but I’ve always been honest with you so let’s not stop now.  Here I go:  I am lonely and it is hardest for me this time of the year.  There, I’ve said it.  I’m lonely.

There is a huge distinction between being alone and being lonely.  I have a full and rich life and I value the opportunities I have to be alone.  I enjoy moments of quiet and being alone has never been an issue for me but being lonely is a rather sad thing.  That said, I would rather be lonely than in a relationship that is not everything I want.  I am not going to settle for someone less than I deserve just so I can have someone in my life.

Now back to my dilemma: my cat is sweet and funny and I find her to be both entertaining and comforting.  She is technically my son’s cat.  He got her as a Bar Mitzvah present and he loves her too.  Could I not get another one and say the new one was mine so even though there were two cats in the house only one would be mine? Would it be so wrong to get another one? 

Could it be that my cat is actually lonely?  Maybe I am so close to her that I am going to ease her loneliness because I know how she feels?  Did I just write that I know how my cat feels?  It’s over.  The beginning stage of cat lady mental illness has set in.  Dear Lord. I have admitted I am lonely AND just told you that I KNOW how my cat feels.  Is there any hope for me?

How did I get to this place?  It must be a combination of the Zale Jewelers holiday commercials and the convicted felons and old men who write me online.  There is only so much a girl can take before she snaps and before you know it one cat turns into two and two becomes eighteen.  Maybe I should get a hedgehog or a chinchilla to break the cycle?  That makes total sense because having a bunch of random animals is so much less crazy than having cats.

I think I am going to put off any animal purchases until the New Year.  In the meantime I will count my blessings, crack open a bottle of Merlot, watch a few chick flicks and wait out the loneliness.  As for my cat, I will get her some catnip, give her a bowl of milk and her loneliness too shall pass.  It will all be fine as long as I stay away from all animal shelters and keep the faith.