Porn, Jews, Diamonds & Sex

It’s been an interesting week and I must tell you I am very happy it is Friday.  I look forward to Shabbat and a lovely weekend.  My blogs this week pushed a lot of buttons and inspired a lot of people to share their opinions.

I wrote about diamonds and how they are a symbol of forever and love and was accused of only caring about money and told that women determine how much they love a man by the size of the diamond he gives her.  To clarify, I would rather have a ring made out of string and a marriage that is guaranteed to last forever than a 7-carat perfect diamond and a shaky marriage.  While writing this one paragraph I saw a commercial for Zales and it made me cry but I would still rather take the string.

I dedicated a blog to World AIDS Day and got a lovely letter saying I was promoting a disease that was for gay people and was brought on by their “behavior”.  I don’t want to embarrass the writer, “Bob T.”, so I will call him “Dumbass” so nobody knows his name is “Bob T.”  AIDS is not a gay persons disease Dumbass.  Educate yourself and take your ideas about this illness and shove them up your @$$.  Thanks for writing and by thanks for writing of course I mean, shove it up your @$$.

I wrote about how sex is a part of our everyday life and if you pay attention you will see how much we talk and joke about it.  I mentioned I know a couple who have been married for 20 years and have not had sex in a year.  I was told I have no idea what goes on in a marriage and I was judgmental and while I don’t feel a need to defend myself, I do have the desire to say that I am not a marriage counselor nor I am married but I am quite certain that if you are in a “healthy and happy” marriage and go for a year without sex, there is something wrong with that marriage.

I blogged about an article I saw in Details magazine about Jewish porn and most people were shocked.  They were as surprised as I was that there was a Jewish porn industry and that there were Jewish porn stars.  The article interviewed Joanna Angel who is a hard-core porn star who is Jewish and was raised in an Orthodox home and I cannot even tell you how floored I was to get an email from Ms. Angel telling me she enjoyed my blog.  Regardless of what you think about porn or specifically Joanna Angel, I want to tell you that she is a lovely girl with lovely manners and I appreciated her taking the time to reach out to me. 

My son is going on a Kinnus with his USY group this weekend and he is so happy and I am excited for him.  I will be going to services tonight to pray, sing and relax.  I have a very dear friend coming to visit and I’m looking forward to it.  My regular followers know all about my dear friend and partner in crime Laurel and she is having her first photo exhibit this weekend in Carlsbad and I will be there to celebrate with her and her family.

I wish you all a peaceful and wonderful weekend.  I am going to release this week and take time to count my blessings and feel gratitude.  Shabbat Shalom and as always, Keep the Faith.