Matchmaker Matchmaker

With the holidays fast approaching and the end of the year in sight I decided to have Sunday brunch at my home with friends.  Life gets busy and we make plans to see each other but weeks turn into months so rather than just talk about it I made a plan.

It was a wonderful afternoon of food, friends and laughter.  What was really interesting is that it was a group of people who I am connected to but not necessarily connected to each other but it turns out that most of the group knew everyone through other people.

It’s strange how far reaching Jewish geography is and amazing how intertwined gay geography is.  It did not matter whose name was mentioned, someone in the group knew that person and we were all woven together which proves what a small world it is.

I have a slight accent and when people meet me for the first time they usually ask if I am Canadian and when I confirm that I am the next question will often be “Hey do you know Steve?  He’s from Canada.”  What are the chances I would know Steve?  Well, sometimes I actually do know Steve.

The six degrees of separation are fascinating and it begs the question:  if we are all connected and a group of 12 can know each other through a dozen different ways, how is it possible that this group, who we’ve discovered know a million people, can not fix me up with a nice Jewish guy?

My friends are no slackers and this particular group are all successful people who work in the entertainment industry or the Jewish community which one would think are the two best fields to look when you are searching for love and only date Jewish men.

I brought up the subject of getting fixed up and they dispersed like kids under a broken piñata.  It was entertaining and by entertaining of course I mean lame.  Why are people afraid to play matchmaker?  Is the fear that a bad set up will put a strain on the friendship?

In my case does the fear stem from having to say: “She is really great but you need to know that everything you say and do will be in the Jewish Journal.”  Do they not know I use aliases in my blog to protect the innocent?  For example nobody knows that “The Republican” is Joseph.

I have spectacular friends who I can count on and if I needed help they would be there in a mere moment to save me and that is special and important.  I have great friends because I am a great friend and with my family 3000 miles away friends are even more important.

I don’t understand why people are scared to set up their friends.  I never really hear about nightmare situations where a set up went wrong but I do hear all the time from couples that are in love and say friends set them up so to those couples I say I want to meet YOUR friends.

Of the dozen guests over yesterday they are all married or in loving and committed relationships and flaunting their happiness was almost unbearable and by unbearable of course I mean that I covet it and I am not ashamed to admit that I covet.  I am not jealous or envious I simply covet.

To my Sunday brunch guests I say get over yourselves and start digging into your files and find me a nice Jewish guy.  If I can’t count on you then whom can I count on?  I am mere moments away from getting another cat and covering my furniture in plastic.

I feel the need to point out to the people who are writing right now to say I am pathetic and desperate and will never find love because I am looking too hard, thanks.  Got it.  I appreciate your concern and value your opinions but no need to write me again.

This will be a short week with yummy food, fabulous shopping and exciting football.  Be safe and happy and when you go through your address books to reconnect with people for the holidays keep me in mind for a fix up.  I’m standing by and as always, keeping the faith.