I can’t remember when going to Starbucks became an acceptable date but meeting someone for a cup of coffee is not a date it’s an interview and I think it’s unacceptable and am so surprised when people write on their JDate profiles that their idea of a perfect first date is meeting at Starbucks.

I understand from a man’s perspective that if he is going out on a lot of dates it can get really expensive taking women out for lunch, dinner or drinks but I would rather go dutch on a real date that have him buy me a cup a coffee and have to sit in a Starbucks trying to get to know someone.

For me the perfect first date is going out to dinner and again I am happy to pay for dinner myself because it’s not about getting a free meal it’s about getting to know someone and at dinner you can take your time and talk plus you can learn a lot about a person by how they treat wait staff.

If you date just to date then I suppose Starbucks is a good call because it’s like a factory and you can get a lot of people in and out for not a lot of money but if you are dating to meet someone special then you need to take a more old fashioned approach and go into it with hope that this could be it.

I am tired of dating and frustrated that people are just not honest about what they want.  JDate should add a couple of choices to the “what you are looking for” field and if I may make a suggestion: 1) coffee 2) getting laid 3) happily ever after.  These selections would make it easier.

In addition to a man listing his age there should be the following choices: 1) frat boy 2) pathological liar 3) prince charming.  For the record there is nothing wrong with any of these choices just be honest about what it is that you are looking for and more importantly what you are capable of.

I’m frustrated with my dating life today and by frustrated of course I mean done and by done I mean that I really don’t think it’s supposed to be this hard and the next person who tells me that when I stop looking I will find love should be careful because I am going to have to hurt them.

A friend of mine died yesterday.  He was young and beautiful and it’s heartbreaking but what it does is make you appreciate your life and want to live the best life possible and makes the desire to share it with someone greater and somehow more immediate.

Life is short and full of surprises and you never know what will happen but I know that my life is meant to include a great love story with a wonderful man and for now that knowledge will have to be enough.  Rest in peace beautiful Blue, we will always keep the faith.