Yesterday I officially joined Twitter and sent my first Tweet which is awesome but I think it’s important to come clean and share that I have no idea how it works or if I did it correctly but my blog is now being tweeted and while I feel very cool to be able to say “hey I just tweeted” the fact of the matter is that I really just don’t get it.

I joined because it was suggested that I tweet about my dates so people can see how it’s going and the truth is that I totally would tweet on a date if I had any idea how to do it which I don’t so right now it’s simply my blog that is being tweeted but I’m hoping to learn and by hoping to learn of course I mean do I really care that much about learning how to tweet?

I’m not clear as to why we need to have both Twitter and Facebook but my Twitter name is very clever and original and the same as my Facebook name which is “ilanaangel”.  I hope to get the hang of it quickly and will then be able to share random and useless updates with all of you but since I’m not quite up and running let me use my blog today to update a couple of things while I figure out Twitter.

1) I think Joanna Krupa would have made it to the finale of Dancing With The Stars if she had not played the Playboy card and flaunted that she was on the cover during the last week of competition.  Big mistake sister.  Middle America was digging the poor girl from Poland story until you got naked.

2) The Republican has changed his JDate profile once again and is now 35 and 5’10” which makes this 3 different ages and 3 different heights in one week and even more fascinating is that he took down his picture which I’m guessing he did so he could hide behind his lies but it’s not working buddy.  We are watching you.

3) I wrote yesterday that I was going to perhaps give being a cougar a try which was my intention until I was at the grocery store and someone made a cat noise as they followed me up the frozen food section.  It was my friend Corey who said he thought it was a good idea and reminded me that he was 33 and his girlfriend was 41 and they were happy.

4) I live in a neighborhood with a lot of people who apparently read my blog which is really nice and at the same time weird because while I get a kick out of being recognized from the blog it’s a little unsettling and makes me think that maybe Twittering might be too much of a good thing and perhaps I need to stick to my blog and the good old fashioned internet.

I can remember a time when my cell phone weighed 10 pounds,  there were 2 computers for my entire school because they were so big, there were rabbit ears on my television which had only 8 channels and I needed to research a map to get directions.

The world has certainly changed since I was my son’s age and I can only image what it will be like when he is my age and at the end of the day I just might not be ready to jump into the world of Twitter and perhaps I just need to slow it all down a little bit.

Technology is fabulous, scary, intimidating and exciting which is just like my dating life and it’s hard for an old dog to learn new tricks and even harder to use an analogy where I am both old and a dog, but here we are and all I can do is give it a try, hope for the best and keep the faith.