Cougar Town

It took me a minute to get onboard but I now love the show Cougar Town, Wednesday nights at 9:30 on ABC, and even though I have never dated anyone who was more than 3 years younger than me, and even then it bugged me a bit that I was the old one in the couple, I envy those who can date young and yummy men. 

“Jules and Laurie” from Cougar Town remind me of myself and my friend Laurel who is 27.  I spent a lot of this past weekend with Laurel and it occurred to me that we had the best time with a million things to talk about and there is a huge age difference so it begs the question: is there any good reason for me not to date a younger man?

Laurel and I have an interesting relationship in that the line blurs between who is old and who is young.  We are both teachers and students to each other which is fascinating because I have said to male friends who dated much younger women that they could not possibly have anything to talk about but Laurel and I always have things to talk about and there is a 16-year gap.

She reminds me that I am young at heart and I remind her that she can accomplish anything she wants.  I really love her and by love her of course I mean that I will continue to love her as long as she does not want to date the same men as me because then she becomes my competition and I will have to kick her @$$.

The big roadblock for me is kids.  If I date someone who is much younger and invest time into it and then fall in love with him and he decides he wants to have kids of his own and by then I’m 45 and it’s not going to happen so what do I do then?  I will not only be dumped for a girl with fresh eggs but I will be forced to deal with the fact that it is because I am old.

Maybe Laurel and I should tag team on JDate as a package deal.  We can date fathers and sons, which would be great because she could take the son and I’ll take the dad and if all the stars align and we want to try something new I could date the son and she could date the dad because she is proof that younger can be really great.

At 43 I am in my sexual prime and the most comfortable I have ever been with myself as a woman and a younger man might appreciate that more than a man who takes Viagra and enjoys the early bird special. Laurel thinks I need to do some cradle robbing and she tends to be right about a lot of stuff in my life so maybe this is one of her ideas I should listen to.

All this time I’ve been thinking how great it would be for Laurel and I to date a father and son team and it turns out that maybe the key to that success is my dating Junior and Laurel taking Gramps.  I know I would be a cougar to date a man 16 years younger but would the older man be a cougar for dating Laurel?

This cougar idea is something to think about and if you have not seen the show you really should catch it because it is hilarious and relatable and it was put on the air by Stephen McPherson who I am courting for a job so if you all watch it I can take credit for the ratings boost and he will be indebted and therefore hire me! 

At the end of the day I write all the time about how open I am to love and that I have no expectations about who my Beshert will be but if I’m going to be honest that’s not totally true because I have been closed off to younger men and my Beshert could be one and my friendship with Laurel has shown me that which is exciting because it expands my dating pool.

I’m going to visit Cougartown and will let you know how it goes.  No promises but it’s worth a quick trip to scope out the possibilities.  I know I will find my Beshert as will Laurel and before last weekend I could have guessed how old they would be but if I were promised a million dollars now to name what their ages would be I’m not sure I could do it as she has given me a new option.

To Stephen McPherson, have your people call my people and by my people of course I mean me and I will gladly come and meet with you as soon as I return from my holiday to Cougartown.  To my darling and fabulous friend Laurel thank you for everything that you bring to my life.  We are both on the path to love and all we need to do is keep the faith.