Aaron Carter Fan Club

Yesterday I blogged about my love affair with ABC and I got an email from someone who I can only assume is the President of the Aaron Carter Fan Club and by assume I mean that I must guess who it was because they were too much of a coward to put their name on their comment. 

“F You” wrote to share the following:  “now that Aaron Carter is gone you can watch DWTS? What did aaron do to you? How about you go KILL yourself before you talk about somone you dont know. That kid has worked so much on the show.. no one is asking you love and vote for him,.. but have some respect for another human being. hope you rot in hell you fucking jew.”

Although I was tempted to correct the spelling and grammar I left the post exactly as it was written because who am I to censor someone else’s words.  I think the words would have been more powerful however had the writer had the courage to put their name on it.  My favorite part of the posting is where I am asked to have respect for another human being in the same sentence that I am called a f-ing Jew.

There is nothing to say to this person but I would like to point out that the show is called “Dancing With The Stars” not “Dancing like a hyper little monkey who cries every time they dance to make people feel sorry for them and then work really hard to be a good dancer but have it be too late because you’ve already grossed out everyone who is watching so your dancing does not matter as much as your annoying personality and trying to recapture a sliver of the fame you used to have With The Stars”.  If they make that show Aaron will win for sure!

I also got an email from Drew who suggested I watch Mercy on NBC.  I’m not sure why I have not watched this one Drew but I will give it a try.  I loved ER and I miss it so this might be a good fill in for that void.  I will let you know what I think about it and thanks for the tip.

I’ve written about my friends Michelle and Jeff who are the cutest couple ever and I love them and aspire to have a relationship like they do because you simply cannot spend time with this couple and not smile because they are poster children for not settling and waiting for your Beshert because if you are patient you will get it right and that translates into happily ever after. 

So Michelle gets in touch last night to say she is grocery shopping at a kosher market and it’s full of single men and I need to come shopping so I asked her how she knew they were single men and she said she knew because they were shopping like bachelors, which translates into buying one piece of chicken which is too funny and by funny of course I mean I will be there next Thursday shopping for one piece of chicken and by chicken of course I mean tofu.

To those of you who follow my blog regularly I must tell you that the Republican is back on JDate and this time around he has listed his age 33 and his height as 6’3” which is hilarious since he told me he was 40 and that he was 6” when really he is about 5’10”.  This guy is an idiot and if JDate had a place to complain about people where I thought they might actually read it or care, I would tell them this guy is a pig and they should ban him.

To Stephen McPherson I don’t think I mentioned yesterday that I think you are a smart and handsome man.  Truly.  I’m not kidding.  We can talk about how brilliant you are when we talk and by talking of course I mean call me.

I’m glad it’s Friday and I hope you all have a great day and a peaceful Shabbat.  Be kind, love your kids, call your parents, if you see members of the military thank them for their service, be tolerant, laugh, live your life without fear, forgive someone, appreciate your friends, be responsible for your actions, don’t give up on your dreams and remember to keep the faith.