Week In Review

Here is a recap of my interesting week.

1) I went on a date with a classic Pinocchio.  This guy lied about everything and it was fascinating to watch because his nose was actually growing the entire time we had dinner and he was as amused by his lies as I was because every time he lied he got a look in his eyes that showed he was proud of himself for pulling the wool over my eyes.  It really was entertaining and by entertaining of course I mean painful.  If you are reading this Pinocchio know that I am not an idiot and you in fact are.

2) I had another date with someone that I had a lovely rapport with over email and on the phone.  He made me laugh and I really enjoyed his personality.  I wrote about how the pre-date portion of dating was the best because you could be hopeful and optimistic because you connected and it allows you to think he might be the one and until you meet him and realize you were wrong it’s as if love is within your grasp.  In the end there was no connection but we had a lovely time and the pre-date was the best part.

3) I had a glorious week with my son.  He is growing up so fast and is taller than me and stronger than me and so not afraid of me.  I used to be able to tell him “I’m counting to 3” and he would jump to do what I said.  Now I can sit on my couch and count to a million and he could care less.  He is a teenager and spreading his wings and it’s wonderful to watch and by wonderful of course I mean scary.  My days of counting to 3 are over and I’m sad to see them go.

4) I love my friend Andy and his divine boyfriend Patrick and I was disgusted by the voting in Maine this week on gay marriage.  I honestly do not understand how anyone in the world would have their life altered by a loving gay couple getting married.  It is a very strange thing and in the end all I can do is love and support my friends and feel sorry for those who just don’t get it.

5) I made peace with JDate this week and am going to try to change my view of the JDate Hell Train to the JDate Love Train.  It’s going to be really hard but I’m open and willing and they want to help me find my Beshert so we’ll see what happens.  After a week that included two JDate dates I’m not sure they can do it and but God Bless them for trying and God Bless me for believing.

My week ended last night at services where I was recognized by a reader.  He came up to me and asked if I was the girl from the Jewish Journal and I must tell you that I love it when that happens.  I truly get such a kick out of it and what made it even better was that he was totally cute.  A handsome and charming man and he made my night.  I’m not sure if he’s single or not but if he was, call me.  Meeting a man in Temple?  Who knew?

I learned this week that life is short and I need to let go of things that are out of my control.  I learned that I have tremendous faith and it makes me strong.  I learned that when people are angry and mad they say things they don’t really mean.  I learned that some people never change.  I learned that I cannot date a man who carries a purse or drives a Miata.  I learned that in the end only God knows the complete truth and he is on my side.  Life this week was full of twists and turns and I maneuvered myself through by keeping the faith.