JDate Challenge

If you read my blog yesterday you saw I made peace with the enemy and offered an olive branch to JDate.  It took them about 5 seconds to get in touch with me and offer their friendship.  I’m not surprised it happened so fast because the power of the blog is undeniable and it makes sense that we all get along.  They have accepted my challenge to help me locate my Beshert out in cyberspace and by cyberspace of course I mean Brentwood so let the games begin.

My new BFF”s at JDate have assured me that the people they feature in their “Success Stories” section are in fact real people and not actors from lands far away pretending to be happy but with that said they did not send me any copies of marriage licenses and all I have is their word but if we are going to forge a friendship I can’t start calling them liars on our first day. 

Not only are the people in the success stories real life JDaters but apparently so are all the people featured on their billboards and marketing materials.  Really?  If all those people are real JDaters then I think they need to do a search of people in Los Angeles and start using regular people not these uber pretty “real” people.  I’d like to see an ad with the man who is 5’4”, weighs 300 pounds, describes himself as tall, dark and handsome and uses a profile picture that is 12 years old because he looks “exactly the same”.

There appears to be no real screening process for online dating sites and if your credit card is accepted then so are you.  Next to the “Success Stories” section there should be a “The Brutal Truth” section where we can go and tell our stories about people who have lied about their height, age and marital status.  It’s a shame that I’m so wary because there are good people dating online and a few rotten apples are trying to ruin the tree so it’s good that JDate and I are now friends because they can talk me off the ledge.

Do I sound bitter?  I must tell you that I’m really not bitter so much as I’m frustrated and by frustrated of course I mean exhausted.  I’ve been trying to meet my Beshert for a long time and have been honest and open when putting myself out there and yet it is not happening for me and I’m about done and by done I mean I am so ready to find love I am now in cahoots with JDate and the only thing more surprising than my being alone at 43 is that I am asking JDate for help.

Enough with the whining and complaining and let’s get down to business.  I am here and waiting for some guidance.  It’s all well and fine to write and say that you accept the challenge but talk is cheep my friends so let’s make it happen.  It’s a new day and I am ready to go.

I believe in you JDate.  I believe in myself and I have faith that you can help not only me but all of us who are keeping the faith.