I am so romantic that some could argue my views on love are unrealistic but if I am unrealistic it would imply that I somehow need to settle for something less than what I want and deserve and I don’t think anyone should ever settle and by settle I don’t mean compromise I just mean settle.

The simplest explanation of why I am not in a relationship is that I have been trying to force a square peg into a round hole which results in a broken heart and have now come out of that ready to share my life and I hope I am able to be open so when I find love I can recognize it.

I really put myself out there so if I were not trying I could not complain about not finding someone but I do try and can only assume that if I’m trying this hard and it’s not working I am doing something wrong and there has got to be an easier way.

Since I do a lot of dating through the Internet I recently got a book called “The Daternet” which was written by Courtney Lauren Kanner and Jeremy Stephen Howard and it looks at Internet dating from the perspectives of men and women which it turns out are opposite.  Who knew?

It is a funny and brutally honest look at dating online and I found myself looking around when I read it because it was as if they had been watching me date.  You can get it on Amazon and I highly recommend it for anyone who has ever been on an online date or plans to ever go on one. 

It is my new online dating guide and I hope I can get through a date without pulling it out as a reference guide during dinner.  This book showed me it is time for an intervention.  I need help and when a nice Jewish woman wants to meet a nice Jewish man there is one place to go. 

The time has come for me to accept the obvious.  If I really want to meet my Beshert I need to befriend the enemy and for those of you who read my blog on a regular basis you know that the enemy is JDate.  It’s time to suck it up and make peace.

Now while I do on occasion speak unkindly about JDate the fact of the matter is that I believe in JDate and actually recommend it to people and even though I complain about it I’m on it and paying for a membership so clearly I believe on some level there is hope and it can work.

I need to embrace JDate and therefore I ask the powers that be at JDate to help me.  Step in and show me what I’m doing wrong and how I can increase my chances for love.  I read your success stories and it’s working for a lot of people so there is no reason it could not work for me.

By working for other people of course I mean that I want proof.  Who are these people?  Has anyone ever met them?  Are they actors from Russia that we would never run into on the street to ask them about their getting together?  I’m going to need proof.

I’m in the business of keeping the faith and so is JDate so it would appear that we should be able to help each other.  They can help me find love and I will write about my experiences and hopefully get a few people to come onboard the JDate Hell Train, I mean Love Train!

Let’s talk.  This is a self-imposed intervention.  I cannot promise JDate they will love everything that I write but I can promise that I will be honest and if there is an issue I will be clear that I hate the player not the game and JDate is the game and to be honest it’s the only game in town.

So here we are.  Call me.  Let’s make a plan and try a social experiment.  I challenge you to help me find love.  I will play the game, follow the rules and try it your way.  I am going to put my dating life in the hands of JDate with the hope that they can help me keep the faith.