JDate Update

Recycled man called to say hello and that he was sorry he had been out of touch and that he’d like to talk to me.  Te recap, we went out on 1 date 5 years ago then he recently found me on JDate and we went out on a couple of dates.  He was funny and lovely and we had a great date then I never heard from him again until now 3 weeks later.  Is he kidding me?  It only takes a minute to call and say you are busy or something is going on in your life.  You can’t call 3 weeks later as if you had spoken yesterday.  I should have known better than to go out with someone who voted for Bush.  Twice!

I got a call last week from the girlfriend of “Richard” to let me know that she forgave him and they were living together and were going to get married.  I seriously think this chick is a loon and the weirdest part is that I found myself feeling sorry for Richard.  This is a nice guy who got off track due to some personal setbacks and I will never understand how a man can go online and meet a woman and date her while he has a girlfriend.  To recap, I was the one he dated and I found out he had a girlfriend when she called me after seeing my number so many times on his cell phone bill.  I hope Richard takes care of himself.  She forgave him for cheating but he needs to forgive himself and move on.  I never condone cheating and I still feel sick that I contributed to this woman’s pain but she is crazy and I think this is not a normal cheating situation.  I wish Richard and Crazy well and I thank God that I never crossed a line there.  It’s good to be a lady.

Mr. Israel has vanished.  To recap, we talked on the phone for a couple of weeks because my mom was visiting and went on one date before he was leaving for Israel to visit his family for the holidays and we left it with our going out when he came back and I never heard from him again.  It was never going to be a love connection but it was a nice date and we enjoyed each other’s company and for him to vanish is just flakey and a reflection of him not me.

I met all three of these men on JDate.  Interesting.  I think it’s time for a change and I’m not sure what the change is because I honestly think JDate can work I just have not figured out how to make it work for me.  I’m going to think this one over and get back to you.  In terms of JDate it may require more than just my keeping the faith.