Random Stuff

1. I am having a love/hate relationship with my hair this week.  It’s long and it’s bugging me.  Long hair is a lot of work and quite frankly I’m just not feeling it and all I want to do it cut it all off.  I struggle with my grey hairs all the time and wanted to grow them out but got talked out of that and am back to my original color and by original of course I mean the color that my hair dresser felt like slapping on there.  If I hate my hair for one more day it’s gone.  Why can men look so handsome bald?  One more day and it’s gone!

2. I think Mother Nature is going through menopause and rather than hot flashes she is cold all the time and is making the weather in Los Angeles hot so she can cool off.  Listen to me lady, ENOUGH.  It is October my dear and if we don’t get some cooled down temperatures for more than a day I am seriously going to hunt you down and kick your @$$.  Is it too much to ask to wear a sweater in OCTOBER?  This goes against every fiber of my Canadian being.  Low 90’s in the valley today.  Really?

3. My PC bit the bullet last week and after a valiant effort to fix it, she has passed on.  She was replaced yesterday with a Mac.  I always thought that Mac people were snobs and when they hear you use a PC there is a look of pity and disgust that crosses their faces.  There is a weird judgmental vibe with these people and I always thought it was pathetic that they would equate their worth with a computer.  I spent last night playing around on my new Mac and I must say that I have been sucked over to the dark side.  I love this computer and I get what they were all talking about.  I’m converted and hope that I can contain my smugness when I come across PC users.

4. I love my kid.  Really, really love him.  I enjoy his company and he makes me laugh.  I share custody with his dad and so he’s been over there for a couple of days and he comes home today and I am so excited.  I actually get giddy when I know he is coming back.  We talk everyday and text all the time but it’s just not the same as having him here.  He has plans with his friends all weekend and I won’t see him that much but he will be here and that is a great thing.  Maybe this will be the weekend I surprise him with my plan that when he goes away to college I’m going to move off campus wherever he is to be close to him.  Maybe it’s too soon.

5. I am fascinated by the story of ESPN’s Steve Phillips and his mistress.  This will be a made for television movie by Thanksgiving.  His mistress is a loon in the most glorious Glenn Close fashion.  I feel bad for his wife and his children but this guy is a pig and his life is unraveling because of his actions not his girlfriend.  I will never understand how men cheat and think it won’t be found out and are surprised when they get in trouble.  I think women who feel it’s okay to disrespect other women by being with their husbands are sad. I understand how hard it is to find love but taking that away from another women is a situation that can not have a good outcome. 

I wish everyone a great weekend.  Love your kids, call your mom and tell her she is appreciated, cut off all your hair and if you’re in a place with normal weather put on a sweater and a scarf and take a deep breath of the fall air for me.  Shabbat Shalom and keep the faith.