Bar Rafaeli vs. the ultra-Orthodox

A Tel Aviv billboard featuring scantily clad supermodel Bar Refaeli is discomfiting the ultra-Orthodox community.

Rabbi Mordechai Bloi, a Haredi rabbi, has himself in a tizzy over the giant visual of a half-naked Refaeli lying in bed beside a male model (apparently he missed her Sports Illustrated cover). Such lewd scenes are forbidden to the religious community because they violate Torah modesty laws. According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Bloi is threatening to boycott the Fox clothing company responsible for the billboard.

“Whether people wish to see this or not is a personal choice, and we don’t tell people what to do in the privacy of their home. But they cannot be permitted to poison the public environment,” Bloi told Haaretz.

Just think of it: If every billboard of Bar Refaeli was taken down, all of Israel could have a pure conscience.

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