Nice Jewish Guy

I think Jewish men are sexy.  Separate from my physical type I am attracted to a man who shares the same faith, cultural background and traditions that I do.  I can seriously be looking at a super handsome man and he can think I am the sexiest woman ever but if he is not Jewish then the bubble bursts and he is not as attractive.

I don’t know when this became so important to me.  It’s always been my thing to date Jews but the exact moment that it became a deal breaker is something I just don’t remember.  Physical attraction is super important and I believe in chemistry but men become sexier to me when they are Jewish.

My “type” is hard to find in a Jew.  I like Harley riding, head shaving men with tattoos who are tall, solid and have a wicked sense of humor.  If they look like they just got out of prison then that’s the guy I dig.  It’s difficult to find that look in a Jew but I have managed to come across him on occasion.

Now if he is short, menschy, smart, funny and Jewish then he is also my type.  I like the shared history, guilt and family dynamics that we have as a people.  If I meet a man who is not my type physically but he is smart, funny and Jewish then he becomes attractive to me and the more I get to know him the more attractive he becomes.

I think the struggle for Jewish women is that there are not a lot of available Jewish men and we are not the only ones who think they are sexy.  We have to compete with the non-Jewish girls for a limited supply of available stock.  Jewish chicks should have first dibs.  If a Jewish man wants to have a serious relationship then he should have to date 100 Jewish women before he is allowed to date outside the faith. 

Jewish women are stereotyped to be complainers, frigid and loud but Jewish men are stereotyped as rich, smart and funny.  That’s not right and so to even the playing field and have a fair chance we should insist that our fabulous Jewish men date us before they look outside the tribe. 

I recently saw a woman wearing a t-shirt that read “I –heart- Nice Jewish Guys”.  I loved the shirt so I approached her because I wanted one.  She got it online at  She was a very cute girl and I asked her if she was Jewish and she said no.  Whatever.  The fact that she was not Jewish and publicly proclaiming that she loved Jewish men is the subject of another blog.  Important to note that she was not even that cute and I would be willing to bet she cannot make matzah ball soup or find Israel on a map.

This website has the t-shirts but it also has my new favorite thing and something I shall be gifting this holiday season.  It’s a calendar of “Nice Jewish Guys”.  You have got to see it because it’s fabulous.  It’s a brilliant idea and bravo to the creator Adam Cohen who is himself a nice Jewish guy. 

At the end of the day meeting my Beshert is going to take some work.  It’s a jungle out there and I have a lot of competition.  I’m up for the challenge however.  When I get discouraged all I need to do is look at Mr. January on my new calendar and fantasize about the dream that I know can come true as long as I keep the faith.