Dream Come True

Those of you who read my blog daily know that I love Mike Fleiss and by love him of course I mean that I am obsessed with him in a way that could be deemed inappropriate if I were a crazy person.  Mr. Fleiss is the creator of The Bachelor/Bachelorette series on ABC and for someone like me who writes about the search for love this show is pure gold.

I wrote about Mr. Fleiss in the hopes that my blog would somehow get to him and he would reach out to his number one fan and by fan of course I mean reality television crazy person and by crazy person of course I mean someone who has helped make him very rich by watching his shows and insisting everyone else watch them too.

After months of writing and hearing nothing I was starting to think that perhaps he was ignoring me.  Well my darling readers it has happened.  I was sitting at home last night when at 9:23 my phone rang and it was, at last, Mr. Mike Fleiss.  It took about 15 seconds of me telling him to shut up and dropping a couple of F-Bombs before I was able to compose myself and profess my love.

Half an hour later I was sitting in the car he sent for me heading to the set of The Bachelor where they began shooting the new season last night.  Not only did he call but he sent for me and I spent the next 6 hours hanging out with “Mike”.  The only way to properly explain how it felt was to make the most obvious comparison.  It was as if, depending on your age, I were meeting The Beatles, David Cassidy or the Jonas Brothers.

The women they have selected for this season are fascinating.  They are all gorgeous and all need to eat a sandwich. If that’s the competition then all the rest of us should cover our furniture in plastic and get four cats.  I picked out my two top choices, met three women who will become reality television train wrecks and saw some dresses that were so interesting I had to look away before I went blind. 

When the last installment ended I was not really feeling Jake as the new bachelor.  I was pulling for Reid the cute Jewish guy but after seeing Jake last night I know he is going to be great.  He is charming and boyish and has a Tom Cruise vibe.  I can never wrap my head around how pathetic the poor girls are who say they are in love after meeting the Bachelor for 5 minutes but the truth is it only took me 2 minutes to fall in love with Jake. 

Chris Harrison is fabulous.  I thought he would be jaded after so many years of hosting this show but he is a real romantic who is protective of the contestants and the process.  He believes in love, believes in the show and sincerely cares about the people who come looking for love in such a public and unnatural way.  You can bet I will be watching ABC every Monday night come January and my Tuesday blogs will be dedicated to The Bachelor.

It was nice to meet Ed and Jillian and see them so happy.  Thank you to my dear friends Jeff and Michelle who are inspirations that love can be found if you believe and thanks to my darling Mike Fleiss for being so lovely.  You are hilarious and a real mensch and I knew you would call eventually.  It was only a matter of time before you realized that your time was better spent just giving in to our love instead of filing a restraining order.  Love conquers all when you keep the faith.