Every Jew Dot Com

I am a proud member of EveryJew.com which is the online social networking site of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.  If you are Jewish and have an opinion, about anything, you should join.  If you are a Jewish man, between the ages of 40 and 55, available, can walk and breathe without medical aid and have not named your dog Viagra because you are indebted, then you should not only join, you should take me out.

There are a couple of fun events coming up that are being organized by groups on EveryJew that sound great.  Heebster is a group for Young Jewish Professionals in Los Angeles who are between the ages of 21 and 40.  Heebster’s 2nd Annual Halloween Party takes place on Thursday, October 29th from 9:30 pm to 2:00 am at Life on Wilshire.  There will be prizes for the best costumes and a great DJ to help you dance the night away.  You can get all the details and RSVP at www.heebster.com. 

One could ask why am I plugging a party that I am not able to attend because of my age?  Well I used to be young so I’m trying to be supportive.  By supportive of course I mean I’m talking to my attorney about an age discrimination case.  I could go in costume and never be detected as a crasher.  I have the perfect disguise, I shall attend dressed as a cougar.

There is another group called “Stir Your Spirit” which was started by a great lady named Leslie Zimmer.  You can find them at everyjew.com under the listing of groups.  Based on her own needs Leslie put together a local group whose goal is to create a community of togetherness for those who long for their roots so they can share their busy lives.  Some are married, some single, some don’t have family nearby and some are just searching for a spiritual connection.  They have Shabbat dinners at restaurants around town and Havdallah potlucks at member’s homes.  It’s a wonderful way to meet new people, reconnect with our faith and share some food for the soul.  Their first event is happening on Friday, October 23.  Mazel Tov to Leslie for making it all happen.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes on my fight with a cold.  It would appear that I won the battle and am feeling much better.  Mazel Tov to Jake for being selected as the new Bachelor on ABC and love to Mike Fleiss because I just can’t seem to let it go. 

I have connected with some great people through this site and get emails from all over the world with feedback on what I write and it’s lovely to know that no matter how far apart we are, we are connected as people, as Jews and as those who think my blog is hilarious and a daily must read.

I hope you will join me at EveryJew.com and become a member of the great groups, one of which is all about keeping the faith.