I love Facebook.  I love that I can check up on my son and his friends, I am a master farmer, my family can see pictures and stay connected, old friends have found me and reconnected.  I really do love Facebook and by love it of course I mean I am obsessed with it.  I posted on my page last night that I had nothing to blog about and my friends came to the rescue with some interesting topics.

Michelle:  I agree that dating during the holidays is a nightmare!  Between the Jewish and secular holidays it feels like there is no time between September and December to have a date.  Then there is the pressure of actually having a date for the holidays.  My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving which is the time I crave family and love the most.  So yes Michelle, holidays are tough and as we approach this festive time of the year I want to thank you for the reminder that I am dateless.  Kiss your sweetie and snuggle up in your beautiful home and bask in the glory of your love.  I’m not saying I’m envious of your bliss, I’m sincerely happy for you and by happy of course I mean thankful that I look great in green.

Laurel:  Interesting theory that if I open myself up to a lesbian relationship I will double my chances.  The good news is that I’m sure my mother can now tell me all the things I need to know about being a lesbian and the bad news is that Michelle gave me the statistics on available women and it would appear that it may not be that viable of an option.  Thanks for trying Laurel and to Michelle, you are quickly becoming a joy sucker.  If you were tall, blond and gorgeous I could hardly stand to be your friend.  Wait a minute, you’re both tall, blonde and gorgeous.  Whatever.

Elissa:  Your ideas were great and I am dedicating my blog tomorrow to your suggestions.  We always want what seems impossible to have and when we finally get it we often see that we really didn’t want it or even worse, we want it badly then lose it.  As for men being available or not, remember my dating hell known as “Richard”? If I start writing now for tomorrow I will have 24 hours to find a way to properly express myself without sounding bitter.  LOL, yeah right. 

Danielle:  I have a couple of go to men that I consult for the male perspective but they are useless more often than not.  I seriously need to get a new straight, single and searching for love male friend in my life to help me navigate the waters and by navigate the waters of course I mean marry me.

Faigy:  Your suggestions were poignant and lovely.  It is the end of Sukkot and I loved the analogy of reaping what we sow and the temporary nature of a Sukkah and how it can all be directly linked to the search for love.  It occurred to me when reading your post that if I am going to write about keeping the faith I need to focus more on using my faith to help me understand what it is that I am searching for.

I have wonderful friends and thanks to Facebook I am able to reach out and get some great things to blog about.  You can join my blog on Facebook at Keeping The Faith Singles Blog fan page.  I wish you all a Chag Sameach.  May we all have peace, love and unending faith.