Week in Review

1) I had a nice evening with my recycled date.  He is a gentleman and a Republican.  Who knew you could be both at the same time?  I want to give a shout out to Bryan and Luke the “wine guys” at Whole Foods, Coldwater Canyon and Riverside.  If you ever need help selecting a wine, these guys rock and know their stuff.

2) I think it’s amazing that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.  Maybe next year they can give it to Ellen Degeneres for bringing peace to American idol.  I wonder if Obama will take family members of some of the kids who have died in Afganistan while he’s been in office with him to Oslo.  I love this man but come on.  Are they kidding? 

3) Thank goodness I have finally regained my eyesight after the troubling week of Dancing With The Stars.  I am thankful that Debi Mazar went home and my cat seems to have recovered from the voodoo curse that she placed on her.  I cannot wait for next week and I hope Aaron Carter is the one to go and starts crying when they tell him.  That will be brilliant television.

4) Mike Fleiss?  Hello?  Papa can you hear me?  Is this thing turned on?  This is my official last shout out to Mike Fleiss.  I’m certainly not going to beg Mike. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call me.  I shall leave him in peace and move on with my life.  I can’t help but be a little disappointed but I’m 43 and single so I will adjust.

5) My mother is safe and sound in Canada.  Here is a little part of a conversation we had:  “Hi Mom”.  “Hi Sweetie. I love you and want to come back already”.  “You are always welcome and can come whenever you want”.  “Thank you my Sweetie. Did you know that you can buy movies of lezbies that show what they do?“  Seriously, I love this woman. The chances of my getting my mother lesbian porn are as slim as Obama ever winning a Nobel Prize for Peace.  Wait a minute…….

6) This weekend my son has a football game and I am really looking forward to it.  He has also been invited to a special service and brunch at the Temple where had his Bar Mitzvah as someone who read Torah this year and I am so proud of him. 

This was an interesting week for me.  There was stress with work, a disappointing discovery about a friend, a visit to my past that was unexpected and a look into my future that was surprising.  My son has been with his dad for two days and I can’t wait for him to come home.  Shabbat dinner with my boy will put it all into perspective and allow me to embrace both the good and bad. 

I am tired.  I look forward to Shabbat so I can start a fresh week on Saturday evening.  I am blessed and my life is truly wonderful, but man oh man, this has been a week where it was a struggle for me to keep the faith.