Random Stuff

1.  I had a really great time with my recycled date last night.  He is a charming and funny gentleman.  We went for drinks and had a lovely time getting reacquainted.  He is smart, grounded, grown up, articulate, formal and adorable.  I look forward to seeing him again and that is a great thing that I have not felt about anyone for a long time.  A nice date is in fact possible…who knew?

2.  My mother is home safe and sound and when she called I started to cry.  I really miss her and I woke up this morning and went into her room to check on her and it was sad that she was not there.  It begs the question do we have such a great relationship because she lives 3000 miles away?  I love her and crave time wtih her so if I saw her every day would it not be as good as is often the case with adult children and their parents? 

3.  I got some interesting feedback on my posting about my leaving the Booster Club at my son’s school.  One woman compared me to Sarah Palin and let me know I left the school hanging just as Palin did Alaska.  Really?  I am thrilled that so many people read my blog and I am open to the feedback both positive and negative.  That said, some people are just sad and clearly have too much time on their hands.

4.  I think I am almost at the point of giving up on Mike Fleiss.  By giving up of course I mean that I will never stop thinking that every time the phone rings it will be him.  I imagine that the filming of the new Bachelor is just around the corner and so he is busy.  I hope he knows that it’s not a Kathy Bates – James Caan in Misery type of love it’s more of Kevin Costner – Ray Liotta in Field of Dreams kind of love.  The thing is that love needs no explanation Mike Fleiss.  Call me.

5.  My son started playing football this weekend and he was amazing.  I really love this kid.  He did a great job as the quarterback and completed some great passes.  I look forward to spending Saturday mornings this fall watching him play.  That said, I have been divorced for 13 years and my ex-husband has been re-married for many of those and I will never get used to his wife prancing around events pretending she is the my kid’s mom.  This woman is so completely inappropriate that I am amazed each time I see her.  I introduced myself to a couple of parents at the game on Saturday and they were surprised that I was his mother and not her.  I suppose that’s normal when a step-parent is involved in your child’s life but in this case it’s just creepy. 

6.  My friend Jeremy, the one who thinks sex is more important than love, and I hung out this weekend and he is full of endless insight into how men think.  I wonder if it’s just him or if he really does think like most men do. We went for lunch yesterday and I broke a nail.  I told him I needed to go get a manicure before my date and he insisted that men don’t care and never notice stuff like that.  I then rubbed his head with both a long nail and a broken one and he liked the long nail better.  He said however that while the long nails felt better, it was only because it was presented as a comparison and if he never felt the long nail he never would have missed it.  I can’t decide if Jeremy is a golden ticket in to the mind of men and can help me understand them better or if I should immediately forget everything he tells me the moment he says them.  I might need to have a weekly “Guess what Jeremy said now” blog.

I hope you all have a good week.  It is FINALLY fall in Los Angeles and the cool weather is divine.  Be happy, love your kids, enjoy your work, drive safe and keep the faith.