Mom goes home

I just got home after dropping my mother to the airport for her flight back to Canada.  She was here for two weeks and it was wonderful.  We laughed so hard we cried and enjoyed every moment of each other’s company. 

I can clearly see all the good parts of her that are in me and if I squint and look really, really hard I can see all the crazy parts of her that are in me too.  At the end of the day I simply love this woman and even if she were not my mother I would dig her. 

She cried when I waved goodbye, told me she loved me and made me promise over and over again that we would come see her.  I hid money in her bag so she will find it when she gets home and buy herself something pretty or spoil her grandchildren.  I kissed her and did not cry so as not to upset her.

I have never had to question if she loved me because she always made sure I knew how she felt about me and I hope I am as good of a mother to my son.  By as good as her of course I mean without the crazy parts.

There were a lot of memorable moments from this visit.  I have never laughed so hard, or been so mortified, as when my mother casually asked over dinner one night “Ilana, what is it exactly that lesbians do?” 

Imagine my mother, who is not even 5 feet tall, with a strong Israeli accent asking me this question as easily as asking me to pass the salt.  It was perfection and the next hour of us talking about what lesbians do, or “lezbies” as my mother says, was worthy of a reality show.

My mother then proceeded to inform me that Ellen DeGeneres was a lesbian as was Rosie O’Donnell.  Who knew?  I also learned that my mother believes in gay marriage and has never met a lesbian before.  Which is hilarious since she had dinner with friends of mine who happen to be a lesbian couple during her visit.

I am going to miss my mother and wish she didn’t have to go but now that she is gone it is my turn to cry.  I miss her already.  If you are blessed to have your mother then call her and tell her you love her. 

I hope that when my son has his own family I live 3 miles away and not 3000.  Of course by 3 miles I mean I hope they live next door.  I am proud to be my mother’s daughter and I am thankful that she taught me to keep the faith.