Adam Lambert, the philanthopist [VIDEO]

Turns out, Adam Lambert is even more of a nice-Jewish-boy than we thought. The up-and-coming rock star and ‘American Idol’ sensation is using his newfound fame for a cause.

Through, an online charity site representing public schools in need, Lambert has raised over $232,000 for education. According to the site, his efforts will reach more than 90,000 students and the nearly 2,000 donors have come from Lambert fan sites all over the web.

The project is yet another reason to love Lambert, who, despite his fast rise hasn’t forgotten his roots. And even though many celebrities attach themselves to charities to demonstrate public goodwill, by the tone of the video below, Lambert seems as genuinely invested in this project as he is in black nailpolish and eyeliner. Can we say ‘mensch’?

Here he thanks his fans for donating their dimes: