Only in Los Angeles

So my friend Ethel and her husband Fred are at the chiropractor on Saturday morning getting adjusted.  If you recall, Ethel is my best friend and I introduced her to Fred at a Hanukkah party where it was love at first sight.  By first sight of course I mean when she shoved her tuchas in his face to have him check if there was cream cheese on it he could not resist her charms.

They go into the office and how it works is there are three chairs in the room and three people all get worked on at the same time by the “Doctor” and his staff.  By “Doctor” of course I mean chiropractor but I never really got the idea of going to a chiropractor.  I’m blessed to have a healthy back so I’ve never had the need but still just the thought of getting “adjusted” and hearing things crack is not appealing to me and by not appealing of course I mean never going to happen.

Back to the visit, Fred and Ethel are in the room getting worked on and to give you a visual, Fred is sitting in the chair with his shirt off, hunched over looking rather vulnerable and Ethel is lost is the symphony of her cracking.  Then the third patient walks in, sits down and looks over to check out who is there with him and who do you think it is?  It’s Ethel’s first husband “Desi”!

Now Desi and Fred have never met.  There had been talk about it over the years because Desi and Ethel remain friends but for whatever reason it never happened.  So here is poor Fred, half naked meeting Desi who is now also half naked while poor Ethel sits between them wanting to kill herself.  She makes introductions and they make small talk while the woman working on Fred leans over and whispers to him ,“Don’t worry you’re taller and have much more hair.”

Only in Los Angeles can you go to the chiropractor and sit between your two husbands.  I love this town and I love Fred and Ethel and I love that while I am blogging about this today, I will talk about it forever. 

I wish you all an easy and meaningful fast.  May the coming year bring us all joy and peace and may we all be inscribed in the book of life.  Roll with the punches, be grateful for what you have, release your breath while being adjusted and remember that the easiest thing you can do for yourself is keep the faith.