Week in Review

1.  I got the most beautiful golden tinted tan yesterday but the unfortunate part is that I never left my apartment and the tan was achieved while sitting on my couch listening to the A/C unit tell me to go &*$@ myself.

2.  I have officially crossed the line into obsession with my Facebook Farm and will be going off to FB rehab for a few days and by a few days I mean as soon as I am done blogging I need to harvest my eggplants.

3.  I am taking my son to see KISS at the Staples Center and even though I will be wearing ear plugs, a t-shirt I bought at their concert 20 years ago and have a taser gun and bi-focals in my purse, I still feel pretty cool.

4.  If you have a great date and he waits 2 weeks to call and then when he does he acts like he just spoke to you yesterday then you should not go out again because 2 weeks is ridiculous and he would have called earlier if he dug you right?

5.  If you were once in love with someone will you always be in love with them or can you just love them without being in love because the reasons you loved them in the first place are still there so can love conquer love in the end?

6.  Prince Not-So-Charming never called but continues to look at my profile on JDate and it’s actually creeping me out so I blocked him from being able to see me and I’m thrilled to have only 4 days left on my subscription.

7.  I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that Mike Fleiss has not called me but I understand that he is a mogul and very busy so I’m going to cut him some slack and give him 3 more days to call.  7 weeks and 3 days.  That’s it Mike Fleiss!

8.  The cat has decided she only needs 20 minutes of sleep and is going to take it in the afternoon and then she is going to spend her time playing with toys, hacking up fur balls and finding ways to get comfortable sitting on my head. 

9.  I am going to partner with my friend Laurel to be each others wing men and we are going to start scoping out men by hanging at the post office, Whole Foods, car washes, Home Depot and the tool department at Sears.

10.  My mother’s been here for 4 days and her favorite topics of conversation are my delicious son, my having a baby, JDate, the African heat, Chinese food, the cat, my getting married again, my too fast driving and the color of my hair. 

Shabbat Shalom.  Have a peaceful day and always keep the faith.