The Bold and Beautiful

Have you ever been in line somewhere and you see someone who catches your eye and when you take a moment to actually look they are looking back at you and there is electricity?

That happened to my friend Laurel yesterday and instead of acting on it she let it slip by. Even though she wanted to say hello and part of her thought he would, in the end neither of them did and now she is kicking herself for not being brave. 

How is it that when we are searching for love we get so busy with the looking that we fail to see?  Why can’t we be brave when it comes to chemistry and fate?

Laurel saw this beautiful man in line at the post office and they locked eyes and something was there.  They both smiled and she went on with what she was doing thinking it was just a quick thing but when she looked up he was still staring at her and for the 10 minutes she spent in line she could feel him watching her.

Normally we would not think twice about it but Laurel has a couple of friends, Heather and Glen, who had a similar experience.  When they saw each other they both felt an instant something but Glen did nothing so Heather gave him her card, he emailed, they chatted and are together today with a ring in Heather’s future.

There is something that is very beautiful about being bold.  It is sexy and strong and when a man is bold about reaching out to a woman it is fantastic.  It actually happens a lot, just not with the men you would expect.

Why is it that the men we are not attracted to have no problem approaching us and asking for numbers or a date but the ones who we are attracted to let us slip by?  Why are the “you’re brave but it’s never going to happen” men more common than the “you’re beautiful so be bold and ask for my number” men?

If I see someone and he sees me and there is an unexplainable thing happening, I’m going over to say hi.  I’ve been bold and brave and it always pays off and when I’m cowardly and not strong I always regret it.

Sometimes you need to just jump in and worry about the temperature of the water later.  We never know why someone comes into our life and maybe a chance encounter at the post office is a sign that should not be overlooked.

So if you were at the Pasadena post office yesterday and made googoo eyes at my friend Laurel then get in touch and I will introduce you.  She is a wonderful and beautiful girl and you blew it but we are going to give you a second chance because so did she.

We see people all around us every day.  Every time you step outside your front door, or as a matter of fact every time you answer your front door, there may be a chance to find love. (I’ve got a story about a water delivery guy I will perhaps share later.)

Searching won’t matter if we don’t see what we are looking at so open your eyes, pay attention, be bold, remember you are beautiful and keep the faith.