Toys vs. Companionship

Is it better to play with a toy all night or have another body next to you to keep you company?  This is a topic I struggle with daily.  I will wait here for a moment while you all get your minds out of the gutter so you can finish reading my blog.

I’m still waiting.

My son got a cat for his 13th birthday.  He had wanted one forever so when his Bar Mitzvah came we decided it was time.  He researched shelters and rescues and located the cat he wanted online.  I was really proud of him and his cat is now a member of our family.

I really love her.  She is very sweet and entertaining.  She follows me around and when we are sitting on the couch I look down at her she will mumble something as if I can understand her.  I freaking love this cat.

I am going to pause here for a moment to come to terms with the fact that I am in the beginning stages of becoming a crazy cat lady.  Give me just a minute.

Wait here.

So the thing with the cat is that she likes to play with her cat toys.  Little stuffed mice, balls with bells and worm shaped crinkly things.  They all make noise and she simply loves them.  The problem is that she only likes to play with them at night and it’s annoying.

She is bored when we are sleeping and needs some type of stimulation.  The question becomes do I get her some new toys that don’t make noise or do I cave and get her a companion?

Do I put the needs of my cat above my own fears of becoming a cat lady?  One cat is cute, two cats is questionable, three cats is the beginning of the end, four cats and I’m waiting for my kid to visit me while I order my own toys online.

I think we’ll be getting another cat.  I will tell people one is mine and one is my son’s to try to make myself feel better.  At the end of the day I enjoy this cat and I will enjoy her new little buddy and they give my child happiness and that is what’s important.

As for me being one step closer to being a crazy, single cat lady, I will worry about that after I change the kitty litter.  On this one I’m going to have to reach out to all of you for help and ask that when it comes to our impending adoption, you all keep the faith.